Pregnant Amy shocked by Steve and Tracy’s plan for her baby on Coronation Street

How will Amy react to her parents' plea?

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Steve and Tracy look set to leave a pregnant Amy Barlow shocked in next week’s Coronation Street when they suggest that they will raise her baby as their own. But how will Amy react to this proposition?


Scenes shown last week saw Amy looking at a pregnancy test that was showing a positive result. Now, Amy’s secret looks set to be revealed to her nearest and dearest when Amy confides in her grandmother Liz and they return home to break the news, only to find that Steve and Tracy have already found the test kit.

“She’s 14 and she’s let somebody get her up the duff!” yells Steve as his attempt to keep his cool fail. Despite Liz trying to restore calm, Steve says that he’s determined to unmask the identity of the father. Pretty soon, Steve hits upon the idea of Dev’s son Aadi being the dad-to-be, even though Amy swears that he’s not.


However, it will later be revealed that the guilty party is actually local bad lad Tyler Jefferies, the delinquent leader of a local gang with whom Simon Barlow became briefly involved. Said an insider to the Sun:

“It is set to turn nasty. Amy’s parents are left shattered when Tyler’s family get involved and their lawyer tells them they should be prepared for a very messy battle.

“Steve and Tracy have a rough road ahead of them but they’ll do everything they can to keep the baby in their family. This storyline touches on massive legal and ethical issues and will show viewers a different side to teen pregnancies.”


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