Adam Barlow leaves Coronation Street after secret night with Sarah Platt is exposed

Will he be back? And can Gary Windass forgive his girlfriend?


Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) makes a surprise exit from Coronation Street next week after it’s revealed he made a move on Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) to her boyfriend Gary Windass (Mikey North) thanks to spiteful Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni). Claiming he wants to get away from the drama and go travelling for a few months, has he been driven away from Weatherfield for good?


Sarah got flirty with Adam after rowing with Gary about considering taking another dangerous job abroad to keep up with maintenance for his son Zack, but even though she resisted the Lothario lawyer’s advances when they ended up sharing a drink back at his place Seb saw them together and accused Ms Platt of cheating – earning himself a black eye from the buff Barlow.

On Monday 28 January Sarah is desperate to stop Seb telling Gary he saw her exiting Adam’s place, and begs Mr Barlow to represent the teen for free at his twins siblings’ adoption hearing later that week by way of an apology (and keeping him quiet).

Seb is thrilled but a public spat on Wednesday 30 January at the builders’ yard with mum Abi Franklin and pal Eileen Grimshaw over his adoption plan is ill-timed, as boss Gary turns up with a prospective client and sacks Seb on the spot for showing him up.


With no full-time job and Abi refusing to back him, Seb nervously awaits the court’s decision as to whether he’ll get custody of the twins – but it’s not looking good…

Why does Seb cause trouble for Sarah and Gary?

By Friday 1 February Seb feels utterly betrayed by everyone, and as revenge on Gary for giving him the boot when he needed a job the most he spills the beans that Sarah spent a secret cosy evening at Adam Barlow’s flat!


Adam then decides to escape the fallout by packing his bags and telling housemate Daniel Osbourne he’s getting out of Weatherfield for a while, probably to avoid a beating from jealous firebrand Gary for hitting on his girl…

As he leaves in a cab, Adam is spied by an anxious Sarah – can her relationship with Gary survive? And will we see Adam again?


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