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Nick is arrested - did he cause the factory roof collapse in Coronation Street?

"Leanne doesn't know what to believe" reveals Jane Danson

Published: Wednesday, 1st May 2019 at 6:29 pm

There's another arrest in Coronation Street's factory roof collapse saga on Wednesday 1st May when Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) is apprehended by the cops after the missing health and safety report on the Underworld disaster is mysteriously found hidden under his bed!


Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is stunned when little sister Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) finds the document stashed in their room and pales at the possibility her partner is responsible for the incident that destroyed the building and killed Rana Habeeb. Police accuse Nick of pulling an insurance job with business partner Carla Connor (Alison King) who ignored the need for urgent, and expensive, repairs on the roof.

Nick insists he's being framed but Lee is not sure what to think, especially with her boyfriend having strangely secretive conversations with his brother David Platt (Jack P Shepherd). Has he got something to hide? And if he did deliberately sabotage the factory, will Ms Battersby stand by her childhood sweetheart? Let's ask Danson herself!


How does Leanne react when Toyah finds the missing report in Nick's room?
Leanne is usually quite intuitive and obviously wants to believe Nick is innocent. When they find the report that has somehow got under the bed, Leanne, Toyah, Nick and Imran are all blaming each other and Leanne is in the crossfire. Nick says he's being set up, and why would he hide it? But the fact it's under his bed means there is a possibility he could have put it there. Nick is playing the card that people want to blame him.

Does she have any other reason to be suspicious of Nick?
Shona says she overheard Nick and David discussing things that Nick not proud of which sounds a bit dodgy, so that has sent alarm bells ringing for her. Leanne is sitting on the fence, she doesn’t know who to believe. She is letting it all unfold but all the fingers are pointing at Nick.

Even if she doubts his innocence, does Leanne feel like she must put on a united front with Nick?
Yes, because ultimately he is her partner and she is going to stand by him whatever he has done regardless of whether she agrees with it or not. However, that will create friction with her sister because Toyah knows her better than most people. It will cause difficulty with Imran because she works with him and he is dating Toyah. All those relationships are beginning to fracture.


If it turns out Nick is involved with the factory collapse, what would Leanne do?
Her initial reaction would be anger and that morally she knows it is wrong - but selfishly, she has a lot to lose if she leaves. They’ve been through so much trauma that if he has done this I think she would make excuses for him, but she is smart. In the coming weeks there is a little bit of her becoming Lady Macbeth and taking control of certain situations.

How has Nick being a nastier character since his return affected Leanne?
She is more of a supporting role in this storyline but what I like is that every now and again the Leanne of old comes out - it’s that survival of the fittest thing. Even if Leanne is in the wrong, she will say she is in the right, she'll always find a way of making situations work in her favour, whether that is right or wrong is another story!

Has this storyline changed the dynamic of Leanne and Nick’s relationship?
I suppose their dynamic is always changing but we are going to see her taking the reins and regaining some control. They are stronger together. She has a moral compass and is not a bad person, maybe she just makes bad choices, but ultimately she does things for the greater good. Personally I'd advise Leanne to pack her bags, but I don't think she'd listen!


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