Peter gets shock news in search for Carla in Coronation Street

Will Carla be found dead or alive?


The search for Carla Connor (Alison King) continues in Coronation Street with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) turning to social media in desperation for any leads – and on Wednesday 24th April he gets some information on a recent sighting which leads him to derelict squat… Will the tormented factory boss be found at last?


Carla was wracked with guilt after the factory roof caved in and killed her sister Kate’s fiancee Rana Habeeb, with Mrs Connor feeling responsible for the tragedy as she knew the structure was in dire need of fixing but couldn’t afford the repairs.

Becoming a pariah among the community in the aftermath of the disaster and with her own family turning against her, Carla’s mental health declined to the point where she became worryingly paranoid and delusional, eventually believing Rana was still alive and fleeing when partner Peter tried to get her to seek medical help.

Carla was last seen on Friday 12th April, but on Wednesday 24th April Peter takes the advice of teenage son Simon and puts her picture on social media with the hashtag #findcarla hoping somebody out there will have some information.

A man from the rough housing estate where Carla grew up gets in touch claiming to have seen her, but he wants payment in exchange for the details. Concerned Ken suggests to son Peter they call the cops but Carla’s other half insists on following the lead alone and goes to a dingy squat with a wad of cash…


Why does Peter attack the person who claims to have seen Carla?

On Friday 26th April, the police end up getting involved when they reveal Carla used a cashpoint on the estate and was spotted near the squat Peter visited – thinking the lead was a dead-end, frantic Peter returns to the house with Carla’s dad Johnny and gets aggressive with one of the squatters.

Johnny has to intervene and drag Peter away before he gets too violent, but he leaves his number with the ruffian just in case. Back on the cobbles, Peter spirals into despair over Carla’s disappearance, fearing for her safety as he recalls how she had practically lost her grip on reality when she fled the medical centre.


Simon comes to the rescue, but could Carla’s breakdown trigger Peter himself to crumble at the thought the woman he loves may be lost forever?

The real culprit of who caused the factory roof collapse is yet to be revealed, but viewers saw an unidentified figure deliberately cause an act of sabotage the day it gave way – whoever it is has got a lot to answer for…


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