Unlikely killer Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) is working hard to keep a multitude of secrets safe.


However, in the coming weeks on Coronation Street, the walls are closing in on him and he struggles to keep himself out of trouble.

Most recently, he killed Leo (Joe Frost) in a fit of rage and has been desperately trying to keep his secret safe.

According to Boyce though, Stephen could murder someone else – despite being a bumbling villain!

When asked if he thought Stephen could take another life, the actor told press including RadioTimes.com: "I do think he [could].

"He's just driven. He's a kind of type-A personality and he's just desperate and desperate people do desperate things. Now he has done it once it won't even feel as bad for him the next time – the end justifies the means."

The broke businessman has been trying to convince everyone he has money, and will turn to extreme measures in the coming weeks when he's put under pressure.

He lands a job at a fast food delivery company in a bid to pay for the cruise he promised he would send Audrey (Sue Nicholls) on, but is embarrassed when one of his jobs ends up being a high-end client from the trendy ad agency.

Stephen quits the job almost immediately and sets about trying to stop the cruise from happening at all by telling Nick he thinks Audrey is being irresponsible with alcohol and shouldn't take little Sam on the cruise with her.

In a bid to discredit her further, he crushes antidepressants into her drink - does he put Audrey in danger again?

"He is still having to pay for the cruise for Sam and Audrey and he needs to stop it somehow so he thinks if he can sow the seed of it not being a good idea for Sam to go on a cruise being looked after by his elderly grandma maybe that is the way around it," Stephen explains.

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"So he thinks if he can make it look like she is still having a problem with drink that could solve it. He is in the pub and Nick is there. Stephen gets his mum a double gin and he plans to spike it too.

"This is the new norm for him, anything to protect himself. But has he really got what it takes to go through with it?"

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