It's a week like no other on Coronation Street next week, with drama in each and every household!


Ed Bailey's (Trevor Michael Georges) gambling continues, and things worsen when he puts himself in further debt.

Meanwhile, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) struggles to cope as Joseph (William Flanagan) falls ill and things take a turn for the wore with the Winter-Brown family.

Gary finds out that Liam is being bullied at school, while Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) gets ready to meet Asha Alahan's (Tanisha Gorey) colleague Isla.

Read on for all your Coronation Street spoilers from 27th November - 1st December.

6 Coronation Street spoilers next week

1. Ed continues gambling and puts himself in more debt

The Bailey family at the bistro on Coronation Street
Ed Bailey's gambling continues on Coronation Street next week. ITV

Ed Bailey is in for a shock on Corrie next week as Grandad Sarge (Ram John Holder) arrives early. On Sarge's arrival, Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) suggests a big family meal, insisting that he and Ed will pay.

As the Bailey family get together at the bistro, Sarge makes digs about his business, not knowing they lost their house because of Ed's gambling.

Ed panics once he realises he'll have to pay for the meal, and so he scans the racing pages - but loses his bet. Ronnie pays for lunch, telling Ed he can give him half later.

Ed admits to Tony that he can’t pay him because he's a gambling addict and has lost all his money. As Ronnie approaches, Ed begs Tony not to say anything - will he reveal all?

Later on in the week, Sarge overstays his welcome, before admitting his business is struggling and that he needs to borrow £2,000. Ronnie tells him that he and Ed can get the money together and lend it to him. Will Ed come clean?

2. Gemma struggles to cope when Joseph falls ill

The Winter-Brown family at the hospital on Coronation Street
There's trouble for the Winter-Brown's on Corrie next week. ITV

Joseph tells Gemma that he doesn't feel well, but Gemma is sceptical and sends him to school anyway.

But when Chesney (Sam Aston) is called out of work to pick up Joseph from school, he lashes out at Gemma for not realising he was ill. Chesney later suggests Gemma isn't coping and she takes offence, calling herself a terrible mother.

As the week continues, Chesney notices that Joseph still seems unwell, and so Gemma makes him a lavender tea in the hope he will start to feel better. Things take a turn for the worse when Joseph passes out.

A horrified Chesney calls an ambulance, and once they are at the hospital, the doctor explains that Joseph has been poisoned!

Chesney and Joseph return home from the hospital with a child protection officer, who wants to interview Gemma, who is horrified when Caitlin suggests Gemma may have poisoned Joseph on purpose. What will happen to Gemma and will Joseph be okay?

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3. Liam tries to get out of going to school as Gary finds out about the bullying

Liam confides in George about being bullied, with the pair sat on a bench
Liam confides in George about being bullied. ITV

Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) tries to pull a sickie to get out of school, but Maria (Samia Longchambon) is having none of it.

While at school, Mrs Crawshaw overhears Liam quizzing Dylan (Liam McCheyne) about the vapes, and she orders Dylan to her office as Mason (Luca Toolan) glares at Liam. What will Mason do?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, George (Tony Maudsley) notices that Liam is being bullied at school and tries to get him to open up before sharing his concerns with Gary (Mikey North). Will something finally be done about bully Mason?

4. Lauren is wrongly accused of theft as she splashes the cash on an expensive gift

Shona accuses Lauren of theft
Shona accuses Lauren of theft. ITV

In the café, Shona (Julia Goulding) becomes irritated with Lauren (Cait Fitton) being on her phone. When Shona later catches Lauren away from the call centre, Lauren pretends she has swapped shifts. But what is she up to?

Later on the cobbles, Lauren gifts Max a new watch to thank him for all he has done for her, but he worries that she has spent too much. Lauren pretends she has been given a promotion at the call centre, before she is cornered by Sabrina - who tells her she is out of order for buying Max a watch.

Max later returns the watch to Lauren, explaining the gift is too generous, as a suspicious Shona listens in on the conversation.

As the day continues, Bernie counts the takings at the café and realises they are £80 short. Bernie tells Shona there is £80 missing from the till, and Shona then confronts Lauren and accuses her of stealing the money to buy the watch and suspends her. Will Lauren get her job back?

5. Nina meets Isla for the time first time as she wants to spend more time with Asha

Asha holds hands with Nina at the Alahan house in Coronation Street
Nina is jealous of Isla and Asha's bond. ITV ITV

Asha suggests to Nina that they have a night out on the town, but their plans are halted when Nina reveals she is meeting up with her college friends. Asha tells Nina not to cancel as she will meet Isla instead, and a jealous Nina kicks herself about it.

After Aadi's (Adam Hussain) suggestion that they should make time for each other's friends, Nina reassures Asha that she is looking forward to having lunch with Isla and her colleague, Miles.

As Nina arrives at Speed Daal, she overhears Asha bigging her up to Miles and Isla, telling them that she is a budding fashion designer. How will the lunch go and will Nina warm to Isla?

6. Ryan and Crystal grow closer

Crystal chatting to Ryan
Crystal invites Ryan to a bar. ITV

Crystal visits Ryan at the bistro and invites him to join her at a new bar in town, and he is delighted with the offer. Will a romance spark between Crystal and Ryan?

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