Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) made the decision to join girlfriend Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen) in her move to Glasgow, thanks to some sly moves from jealous Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) in tonight's Coronation Street (8th December 2023).


Daniel found out that his fiancée Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) had a fling with Ryan, but instead of confronting her, he told nephew Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) that he knew Daisy wanted to be with him, so he was choosing to move on.

Simon was sceptical, while over at Carla Barlow's (Alison King) flat, Ryan found out that he had got the gym job he wanted.

Carla encouraged him to accept the offer, but while Daniel and Daisy were lunching at The Bistro, Daniel was not happy to overhear Ryan's loved ones toasting his Weatherfield-based job.

Abandoning his date with Daisy, Daniel made an excuse to leave and demanded Simon's keys to the flat he lived in with Ryan, Carla and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

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After letting himself into the flat, Daniel was next seen speaking to one of Ryan's new employers, telling the woman he had important information about the man himself.

Meanwhile, Daisy approached Ryan and urged him to talk through his future with Crystal, before realising she was in no position to hand out relationship advice!

By the time Daniel and Daisy saw each other again, Daniel had a renewed spring in his step, as he persuaded Daisy to let him take her out again. He also told his other half that he didn't want to take their relationship for granted.

But over at The Bistro, Ryan received an email explaining that his job offer had been rescinded.

A fuming Carla insisted on taking Ryan to see the man who originally gave him the job, while Daniel told Simon that he had revealed Ryan's previous steroid use to the gym staff.

Daniel knew this would push Ryan to leave, but Simon was unimpressed with Daniel's manipulative tactics.

At the gym, Carla and Ryan's visit got them nowhere, as they wondered what had led to his job being so suddenly taken away.

As Ryan sat alone outside in the dark, Daniel and Daisy spotted him, and she was sorry to hear Ryan's news.

Daniel pretended to offer sympathy, before casually suggesting that Ryan should join Crystal and take the DJ gig in Glasgow.

Meeting up with Crystal, Ryan explained that he would like to move away with her, and it looked like we might be saying farewell to the character before long - much to the satisfaction of a watching Daniel!

Ryan will indeed depart the cobbles in upcoming scenes, but will he be back?

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