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Will Gary Windass kill again? 7 potential Coronation Street victims

Watch out, the bad boy builder's temper is getting out of hand - again…

coronation street gary windass
Published: Monday, 23rd September 2019 at 6:00 pm

Coronation Street killer Gary Windass (Mikey North) has that familiar look in his eyes again, and we're wondering if he has another victim in his sights.


The menacing money lender was responsible for the tragic death of Rana Habeeb when he sabotaged the Underworld factory roof hoping to solve his financial woes, then pinned it on gangster Rick Neelan who he bumped off and buried in the woods - but who the authorities believe is on the run to avoid prison.

Since taking over Rick's loan shark business, the bad boy has become addicted to the buzz of being a baddie and turned into the most dangerous man in Weatherfield.

Gary's reign of terror is back in focus as his enemies create new obstacles, igniting potentially game-changing twists that could see him take another life. Could these unlucky locals be next on his kill list?

1. Ryan Connor

coronation street ryan connor gary windass

The dippy DJ is in serious debt to the ginger ninja after unwisely stealing from him, and gets a vicious beating when he can't pay him back. Gary forces Ryan to lie and say he was mugged to explain his injuries, but his grip over the Connor lad is tightening, making him the most likely candidate to feel his wrath.

2. Adam Barlow

coronation street adam barlow

The Batman to Gary's Joker, Lothario lawyer Adam's beef with the builder goes way back to their rivalry over Sarah Platt (more on her later) and he's on a mission to prove his hunch that the wild-eyed Windass was involved in the Underworld incident.

The private detective that Adam has hired to follow his prey gathers juicy video evidence of Gary attacking Ryan that could be his undoing, but the bearded Barlow is putting himself in the line of fire with every chest-puffing public showdown.

These two surely have to come blows soon...

3. Imran Habeeb

coronation street adam barlow imran habeeb ryan connor

Adam's partner-in-crime is fellow legal eagle Imran, who also remains convinced Gaz is to blame for his sister Rana's untimely demise. That clever, whirring brain of his deduces there could be more to Rick's mysterious disappearance than meets the eye and he starts doing some digging on his actual whereabouts. Try digging in the woods, mate.

4. Derek Milligan

coronation street derek milligan

Gary's gormless front man for his takeover of Underworld, the business he single-handedly destroyed, is money-lending client Derek, who is posing as an investor. But Derek has unwisely gone rogue, veering off the plan and cosying up to factory worker Izzy Armstrong, mother of Gary's son Jake.

Windass has issued a scary threat to his fake business partner and warned him not to step out of line. He's probably the most dispensable character in this list, which must mean his days are numbered.

5. Izzy Armstrong

coronation street izzy armstrong derek milligan gary windass

We're veering into dark territory, but that's what we've been promised from this storyline - what if innocent Izzy discovered the real reason she can never get hold of her ex to pick up their kid on a weekend is because he's off murdering people and dishing out dodgy pay day loans?

Derek is bound to blab. If Izzy then threatened to come clean, would he choose his freedom over the life of his son's mother and silence her for good?

6. Sarah Platt

coronation street sarah platt gary windass

At the root of this whole descent into dastardly behaviour is Gary's love for Sarah - the desire to provide for their future fuelled his ill-advised tinkering with the factory to make a quick buck, after which (the irony) she dumped him for arch-enemy Adam. Sarah still suspects Gary is hiding something but if she stumbled on the terrifying truth would he let her live?

7. Himself?

coronation street gary winds

North insists there is a long way to go for his alter ego, but killers can't stay unpunished on the cobbles forever. At best, you get a few years of dodgy deeds before you're caught out and either jailed or murdered. Corrie are keeping Gary's palpable guilt over his reckless actions bubbling away, so what if it consumed him to the point where he took his own life as a final act of remorse? Now that would be dark…


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