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Gary Windass KILLS Rick Neelan on Coronation Street - here's what happens next

Will Gary now be caught for his growing list of crimes?

Published: Thursday, 20th June 2019 at 9:15 am

Gary Windass has upped his murder tally on Coronation Street, with tonight's double bill confirming that he bumped off Rick Neelan in a life-or-death showdown. Prior to Wednesday's episodes being broadcast, the ITV soap hadn't disclosed who would survive the pair's fateful encounter. But it's now been revealed that Gary did away with Rick during their woodland fight after the loathsome loan shark tried to kill him. Under the cover of darkness, Gary was then seen returning to the scene of his latest crime in a pair of surgical gloves and digging a grave for Rick's body.


For those keeping track, Gary is now responsible for the death of two Weatherfield residents, having previously sabotaged the Underworld factory roof, the subsequent collapse of which ended up claiming the life of bride-to-be Rana Habeeb. The history of Coronation Street is, of course, replete with murderers, be they calculating killers (such as Pat Phelan) or those - like Gary - who stumble into homicide almost by accident (see the likes of John Stape and Karl Munro for further details).

Speaking recently about the decision to have his character join the ranks of Corrie evildoers, actor Mikey North revealed that Gary wouldn't be getting his comeuppance any time soon: "As an actor you have to relish being given these storylines, and I’m so excited to see what they’re going to throw at me. I’ve been here for over 10 years now and this is the most exciting period. Gary has no intention of being caught for a long time yet and he won’t go down without a fight. The stakes are high now and he’s got nothing to lose. Bring it on, I say."

What happens next to Gary?

As viewers also saw tonight, Gary reacted badly when a tearful Sarah told him that there was no future for them as a couple. In a confrontation at the Platts', Gary ended up grabbing Sarah forcefully by the arm, only for her to then order him out of the house.

And it's this threatening encounter that will result in questions being asked about Gary's state of mind, particularly after legal eagle Adam Barlow notices Sarah's bruises and starts to wonder whether Mr Windass is guilty of assault. Sarah, though, is insistent that she can fight her own battles.


Craig, meanwhile, is doing some digging of his own and reveals that it looks as though Rick has gone abroad. But news subsequently breaks that Rick's car has been found on a street and that the police are checking CCTV footage. Finally, an unforeseen surprise then comes in the form of a teenage girl who arrives on the scene next Friday looking for Rick. Just who can she be? And will she too start to get suspicious about Gary?


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