Friday evening saw a shock Coronation Street departure with Jacob Hay leaving Weatherfield in some pretty unexpected scenes.


Jacob (played by James Jack Ryan) met his exit after his involvement in his dad’s drugs crime got out of control. Damon (Ciarán Griffiths) put pressure on the teen after the missing drugs and pushed Jacob to leave the street for good, leaving girlfriend Amy (Elle Mulvaney) heartbroken in the process.
Although Jacob did everything to try and turn his life around, he confessed what had been happening to Nick (Ben Price) and promised to leave for good.

The last we see of Jacob is him packing his stuff into a taxi after being given only 10 minutes to leave by Damon. But will we see the young character again?

Actor James Jack Ryan revealed to and other press that the possibility could be on the cards. He said: "Never say never. There's this fantastic writer on the show we have called David, and he said to me, 'the best time to bring a character back is when it's gonna cause the most damage theatrically'."

Speaking about prospective storylines that could involve Jacob's return, Ryan said: "I had a daydream that in five years time when Amy's settled down and she's found the man she really loves and are just about to get married, then Jacob bursts through the door and goes, 'I object!'.

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"I thought that would have been a cool idea. I think it would be cool for him to get the opportunity to clear his name because I think he does deserve it."

Jack James Ryan as Jacob Hay and Ciarán Griffiths as his dad Damon in a scene of Coronation Street.
Jack James Ryan as Jacob Hay and Ciarán Griffiths as his dad Damon in Coronation Street. ITV

Although the surprise exit was previously unannounced and has undoubtedly shocked many viewers, Ryan explains that the choice just “felt right, it felt like the right time to leave the show".

He said: "I’m still young, and there’s so much stuff that I want to go and do.

“I also felt like I had come and done what I intended to do. We talk about the Corrie bingo cards, like where you tick off things you’ve done… I’ve come in, I’ve played the villain, I’ve had my redemption arc, I got to punch Steve McDonald, I went to prison, I even moved into 1 Coronation Street with Ken Barlow! You can’t get much better than that."

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