Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) found herself arrested for burglary in tonight's Coronation Street (19th October), thanks to her dodgy doppelganger Fern (Gabrielle Glaister).


A few months ago, Bernie was given the wrong order at a fancy clothes shop, and a woman arrived to claim the posh jacket as her own. That woman was Fern, and she and Bernie soon stopped their bickering long enough to notice that they shared a striking resemblance!

With Bernie often strapped for cash, she was surprised when Fern suggested a crafty way to make money - by posing as her at a speed awareness course, which Fern would compensate Bernie to attend for her. Bernie tried to resist, knowing the trouble this could land her in, but more bad luck led her to take up the offer.

Gabrielle Glaister as Fern and Jane Hazlegrove as Bernie in Coronation Street
Gabrielle Glaister as Fern and Jane Hazlegrove as Bernie in Coronation Street. ITV

Bernie turned down further work with Fern, but Fern wasn't to be deterred as she arrived on the cobbles to visit her 'new friend' recently. Telling a stressed Bernie that the cleaning agency she was applying to was unreliable, Fern sent her out with cash for a takeaway - and took the opportunity to steal Bernie's clothes and ID.

This week she was seen at a jewellers, dressed up as Bernie - and she looked quite convincing! Fern even made the effort to talk like Bernie, before keeping an eye out for the keys so she could help herself to all the jewellery when the owner left her to lock up. Fern put in a call to Bernie, who was planning a quiet afternoon alone at home.

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After ensuring that Bernie would be without an alibi, she carried out her act of theft. Later, an oblivious Bernie was at the Rovers with boyfriend Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), and as they headed home, they were greeted by the police. Bernie was soon arrested, and at the station she was shown CCTV footage of a woman who looked like herself stealing all the jewellery.

Bernie protested her innocence as the penny dropped for her, and she explained that Fern had set her up. But the officer didn't believe Bernie, even as she declared she had been framed.

What will poor Bernie do next? Can she prove what Fern has been up to?

Stars Glaister and Hazlegrove came up with the storyline themselves after constantly being recognised as each other, but we could never have predicted it would take such a devious turn!

Keep watching Coronation Street to find out what happens next.

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