There's a baby bombshell on Coronation Street as Summer Spellman (played by Harriet Bibby) reveals she's pregnant - but how will everyone react to the news?


Unfortunately, it's not all happy news for Leanne (Jane Danson) and Nick (Ben Price), who have a blast from the not-so-distant past when evil Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) crawls back into their lives.

And Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) has a run in with Fern...

Without further ado, read on for Coronation Street spoilers set to air between Monday 17th October - Friday 21st October.

1. Summer's pregnant

Coronation Street: Summer's pregnant (ITV)
Summer's pregnant.

Trying to keep busy following her recent disagreement with Aaron, Summer leaps at the chance to help Daniel as he finally begins to tackle clearing out Sinead's belongings from his flat for a charity clothes-swap. On the day of the big sale, Summer is distracted when Aaron walks past, and when Asha goes to talk to him, he admits he cares deeply for Summer, but needs to be with his dad right now.

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Gemma is proud as punch to have scored a new denim jacket from the clothes shop and keenly shows off her new garment to Chesney. She heads to the toilet and her phone rings, leaving Ches to rifle through her pockets for it. He's horrified to find a positive pregnancy test and is desperately relived when Gemma confirms it's not hers - after all, they've certainly got their hands full!

Ches and Gem set about working out who's pregnant and it isn't until Paul recognises Summer's jacket that the penny drops... Paul and Summer have a heart-to-heart, and Summer confirms she's still dating Aaron and any decision about the baby will be made together. In the pub later on with Esther, Paul and Billy, Paul accidentally lets slip about Summer's condition and the teen runs out, mortified about her secret escaping.

Esther chases after her and admits she can't have kids with Mike, so if Summer didn't want to keep her baby, they would be willing to adopt it. What will Summer make of the offer? And how will Aaron react to the news?

2. Leanne meets up with Harvey

Coronation Street: Harvey Gaskill returns (ITV)
Harvey Gaskell returns.

After getting a letter from Harvey asking to see her, Leanne decides she will meet up with him - but she doesn't tell Nick and Sam, who are preparing to mourn Natasha's anniversary. Lee is disturbed to find out Sam was writing to Harvey the whole time, and the criminal asks her to have a word and stop him.

Leanne confides in Nick about what she discovered from Harvey, and the pair confront Sam who's upset and admits he just wants to know why Harvey killed his mum. Sam asks to see Harvey, thinking that will stop him from sending letters - but Leanne and Nick are horrified.

Clever Sam stands tall and affirms it's his decision and his only, adding that if Nick and Leanne don't help him, he'll find a way. The tension bubbles over at Natasha's memorial lunch, and it's Audrey who has a heart-to-heart with little Sam where Nick failed. It doesn't last long though, as Harvey receives another letter from Sam. It's a questionnaire to fill in about his crimes. Will Sam give up his devastating mission?

3. Stu gets a shocking phone call

Coronation Street: Stu (ITV)
Stu is still coming to terms with everything.

Following the devastating reveal that Bridget killed Charlie, both Lucy and Bridget are charged with the crime. Stu, still coming to terms with everything, has to hide his anxieties for the sake of Eliza. Alya is feeling terribly guilty over the whole affair, but reasonable Dee-Dee reassures her she did the right thing. Bridget calls Stu from prison and reveals they both pled guilty for murder - and she would like Stu to become Eliza's carer. But there's a sting in the tail, as Stu can't become Eliza's legal guardian until his conviction has been overturned. Will he be able to clear his name for Eliza's sake?

4. Fern frames Bernie

Fern (Gabrielle Glaister) dresses as Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) in Coronation Street.
Fern dresses as Bernie. ITV

Abusing her doppelganger status, Fern heads to the jewellery store and pretends to be Bernie for a job interview. She impresses management and bags the job straight away. When she arrives for a first shift, she's delighted to be asked to lock up once she's finished. With the boss clearly trusting her, she decides to make the most of the situation and, dressed head-to-toe in Bernie's clobber, robs the jewellery store for all it's worth one lunch time.

When a police officer arrives to arrest Bernie, she's stunned. The police officer shows Bernie CCTV footage, and she comes to the horrible realisation that she's been stitched up something rotten by Fern. Bernie stands strong and insists it was her lookalike who robbed the jewellers, but can she convince the police she's telling the truth? And what will Dev think?

5. Tim and Aggie are forced to make amends

Aggie, Sally and Tim in Coronation Street.
Aggie, Sally and Tim. ITV

Following the shocking revelation of their friendship, Tim and Aggie have some explaining to do. Sally is devastated to discover her husband bought such a beautiful necklace for Aggie, and is forced to admit she is hurt by Tim's inability to talk to her through her issues. On Aggie's side, she apologises to Ed for hiding her friendship with Tim from him. Have they done enough to convince their partners they're innocent?

6. The walls close in on Stephen

Coronation Street: Stephen is worried (ITV)
Stephen is worried. ITV

While in the Rovers, Stephen and Jenny talk about the disappearance of Leo. Hopeless-in-love Jenny is sure Leo's moved on with someone new in Canada while Stephen does his best to hide the truth. It's not long before Jenny receives a phone call that changes everything. Leo's dad, Teddy, calls and says he's heard nothing from Leo and they agree to phone the police. Is the end nigh for Stephen?

7. Daniel and Daisy take things up a notch

Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne and Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley talk in a scene of Coronation Street.
Daisy and Daniel talk. ITV

While they might not make a perfect match on paper, it's hard to deny the sweet chemistry between Daniel and Daisy. In a bid to take their relationship to the next level, Daniel proposes Daisy should move in with him. While happy to take the next step, Daisy has her doubts about moving into the flat he shared with Sinead, especially considering how much of his ex's stuff is still there. How will they move past this hurdle?

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