Coronation Street fans will finally learn on Friday 31st May who deliberately sabotaged the factory roof causing the disaster that almost killed the entire Underworld workforce and claimed the life of Rana Habeeb.


The collapse also sent Carla Connor (Alison King) into a meltdown, believing she is responsible, as does half the street.

The long-awaited big reveal comes as part of an epic week for the ITV soap, stripped across five nightly showings from Monday 27th May at 9pm, which also sees matriarch Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) learn the shocking truth about a terrible betrayal in the family, Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) meeting her TV idol Lorraine Kelly in a special guest appearance from the host, and an experimental episode focusing on Carla's psychotic breakdown that tells the story from the tormented character's point of view.

Back in March, as Underworld boss Carla's vengeful enemies circled, fans saw a shadowy figure tamper with the structure early one morning, sparking a whodunnit that has dominated the Street for the last three months.

The list of suspects has been whittled down from an initial six to a final three – Gary Windass (Mikey North), Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill), with the guilty party set to be unmasked in the midweek helping of post-watershed Weatherfield action.

As their identity is unveiled, here's a handy reminder of the men's murky motivation and their movements in Corrie's most explosive week of 2019 so far…


Gary Windass – the brassic builder

Cash-strapped Carla ignored Gary's warnings that the roof needed major repairs and asked him to fix the factory ceiling on the cheap, but her refusal to pay out what she owed riled the redhead and got him in even deeper danger with dodgy loan shark Rick Neelan who he'd already in debt to.

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On Tuesday 28th May, Gary has been kidnapped and tied to a radiator by vengeful Rick who mistakenly believes he conspired with ex-girlfriend Sarah Platt to rob his office. Convinced Rick is going to kill him and Sarah, Gary frantically tries to get a message to his old flame to warn her – will staring death in the face force a last-minute confession that he was the factory saboteur?


Nick Tilsley – the bad boy business partner

Discovering Carla trying to cut him out of Underworld wrecked their professional partnership and Nick's shifty behaviour ever since has raised suspicions, with even partner Leanne Battersby wondering if the collapse was his act of revenge.

Whether or not he caused the carnage, the secret that he stole cash from his gran to get him out of debt and subsequently used it to go into business with little brother David Platt is set to blow wide open on Tuesday 28th May.

David spills to stunned Audrey while Nick has to explain himself to Leanne, and by the end of the week the brothers have turned on each other – but is Nick really ruthless enough to be a murderer?

Coronation Street, Robert Preston, Carla Connor

Robert Preston – the shattered chef

The smart money is on Bistro boss Robert, mainly as Gemmill is leaving the soap later this year making him the most expendable of the threesome. But could that be a red herring? Robert rankled at Carla's interference in his relationship with his ex-fiancee and her cousin, Michelle Connor, blaming the factory owner for talking her out of having a baby with him and destroying their future.

Robert is definitely acting like a man with something to hide at the moment, and just before the roof collapse he was accused of smashing her car window with a brick. Did his violent outburst extend to shimmying up to the roof to get his own back?


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