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Coronation Street and Emmerdale return to six episodes per week from 14th September

The ITV soaps are back up to full steam after the COVID-19 industry-wide shutdown.

Published: Wednesday, 2nd September 2020 at 10:16 pm

ITV's landmark soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale will return to screening six times per week from 14th September as the productions continue to recover from the COVID-19 shutdown.


Coronation Street will feature double episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while Emmerdale will screen each weeknight, with a double episode on Tuesday or Thursday.

Coronation Street's executive producer Iain MacLeod said the cast and crew had been "energised and motivated" to return to the full schedule by the nearly 60 years of heritage of the soap set in Greater Manchester.

Its 60th anniversary takes place on 9th December.

MacLeod added the amount of work it had taken had been "staggering". "

"I am so proud of the tireless efforts of everyone behind the scenes and onscreen," he said.

Key storylines for Coronation Street's move to six episodes would be David and Shona Platt's attempt to resurrect their romance, Daniel’s confused emotional connection deeps with sex worker Nicky, an epic feud develops between Abi and Debbie, while Peter Barlow’s involvement in Abi’s dark past will bring trouble to his own door with Carla.

Other important plot lines include Leanne taking on the world as she fights to save her son, Oliver, and Natasha Blakeman returns to stir up old feelings for Nick Tilsley.

The recast Todd Grimshaw returns to Weathefield, bringing with him more trouble for his mother, Eileen, as well as Billy and Paul. Mind you, a new arrival on the Street may lighten her mood.

Emmerdale, meanwhile, would be full of secrets lurking around every corner when as the nights grow darker,.

Dawn and Harriet deal with the consequences of murdering the drug-dealing detective Malone. Will his corpse remain concealed in the graveyard? And how long will the sinful vicar go unpunished?

The Dingles could devolve into a family war, after Belle chooses to be with a Tate. Belle will have to make a decision that could change her life, and those around her, forever.

There will be new faces arriving in the village as Moira’s tasty brother arrives, catching they eye of many and causing trouble for some.


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