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Emmerdale reveals secret fling for Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle

So that's where he was the night Graham died…

emmerdale jamie tate belle dingle
Published: Wednesday, 29th January 2020 at 7:25 pm

Pierce Harris may have been unmasked as the wildcard killer of Graham Foster, but the revelation sparked numerous questions about what the other suspects were really up to the night of the murder and why they're still acting shifty.


Slowly but surely, NTA winner Emmerdale is filling in the gaps as new secrets come to light, and on Wednesday 29th January we learnt who Jamie Tate was with when his stepdad was getting bludgeoned to death - he was having a clandestine liaison with Belle Dingle!

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Kim's kind-hearted son make a mysterious phone call yesterday, and in tonight's episode a private chat in person with Belle confirmed she was on the other end.

While Pierce finished off Graham, Jamie sped off in his car after discovering estranged wife Andrea Tate had betrayed him by teaming up with Mr Foster to plotted to shop the family for fraud. Turns out he had arranged to meet co-worker Belle, and their heart-to-heart about his wrecked marriage resulted in a kiss.

emmerdale jamie tate

Guilty at cheating on boyfriend Ellis Chapman, Belle wants to keep it quiet but Jamie has already lied to the police investigating Graham's demise about his whereabouts. Andrea surprisingly leapt in and - with no hesitation - convinced her hubby they should be each other's false alibi, meaning she too has something to hide - but what?

Next week, Jamie's attraction to Belle grows as he struggles with jealousy at seeing her and Ellis loved up and planning a romantic spa day together. Are these two set to have a full-blown affair? Will Andrea use it against him in the bitter custody battle over daughter Millie?


Elsewhere in the aftermath of the whodunnit, jailed Marlon Dingle pleaded with Rhona Goskirk during an emotional prison visit to find out which of Graham's associates is framing him for the murder - how long until poor old Rhona realises her evil ex is behind all this?

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