At long last, after much speculation about who Rogue actually is, we're set to uncover the mystery for ourselves in this week's upcoming episode of Doctor Who.


This week's release, Rogue, sees Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor and Millie Gibson's Ruby Sunday tackle the Regency era, where they find that guests at a duchess’s party are being murdered.

But it's there that they also come across a "mysterious bounty hunter" called Rogue who, according to the episode synopsis, "is about to change the Doctor’s life forever".

So, who exactly is Rogue? Well, details are naturally being kept under wraps for now, but actor Jonathan Groff, who plays Rogue, has said that his character is not exactly who you think he is.

Groff revealed: "Rogue is an alien bounty hunter and a man of mystery. When we meet Rogue, and he first meets the Doctor, we're in a Regency era. Rogue is not necessarily who he appears to be when you meet him."

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Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor and Jonathan Groff as Rogue in Doctor Who. The Doctor is smiling
Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor and Jonathan Groff as Rogue in Doctor Who. BBC

Groff is no stranger to the screen by any means, having had notable roles in Glee, Mindhunter, Hamilton and The Matrix Resurrections, to name just a few.

However, it is the actor's first time in the long-running sci-fi, with the American also revealing that he had previously never seen an episode of Doctor Who.

He said: "Russell [T Davies] sent me about five episodes of Doctor Who from throughout the years, including the first episode that ever aired in black and white. So, I had a very quick crash course before I started."

As for whether we can trust Rogue or not, we'll just have to tune in and see, but we do know that it was a personal favourite of Gibson and Gatwa's.

Chatting to, Gibson said: "It was cool, because you know what best friends would do, they'd travel to the Regency era and then be like, 'I'm gonna go find a scandal!' So yeah, that was my favourite episode for sure."

Rogue is the last episode to come before the anticipated two-part finale of the season, which showrunner Davies revealed will leave fans "screaming".

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Speaking about the final episodes, which will be screened in UK cinemas, Davies told "I have to say, we are dropping these episodes at midnight, and if ever you’re going to stay up until midnight with a bottle of cider or a box of chocolates and sit there and watch Doctor Who, I would recommend it for that one - because you will be screaming.

"Try to stay unspoilt, because it’s so hard to be unspoilt with things. Try, try, try, and you will have a whale of a time with that one."

Doctor Who continues Saturdays on BBC One and iPlayer.


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