Mandip Gill teases “confusing” Doctor Who New Year’s Day special

Eve of the Daleks looks set to be an intriguing episode...

The final episode of Doctor Who: Flux might have aired last weekend, but there's not too much longer to wait before the Doctor and co are back with this year's festive special on New Year's Day.


It was recently revealed that the episode will be titled Eve of the Daleks, and star Mandip Gill has teased that it could be rather a confusing instalment of the beloved sci-fi show.

“We did a lot of running, and it got quite confusing at times," she explained in the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine. "Being trapped in a time loop, repeating the same scenes as it gets closer and closer to midnight.


"But Annetta [Laufer], our director, was amazing. I kept having to ask her, ‘Which version’s this again?’, and she just knew straight away."

She continued: "I’m excited to see it. When you read it on paper, it’s hard to imagine what it’s going to look like. But it was good fun to film. It was great having Aisling Bea with us. She’s so funny. So funny. We had such a good time. Plus we get to fight the Daleks again!"

A teaser trailer for the special debuted on BBC One following Flux finale The Vanquishers, offering fans a first look at guest stars Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon, who take on the roles of ELF storage owner Sarah and her customer Nick.

The short clip also included a brief look at an upgraded Dalek, while the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and companions Yaz (Gill) and Dan (John Bishop) appear to be exterminated – so it certainly promises to be an exciting episode.

The 2022 special will mark the third consecutive year that the Daleks have played a prominent role in a New Year’s Day epsidoe, following 2020’s Resolution and 2021’s Revolution of the Daleks – with showrunner Chris Chibnall making good use out of the Doctor's biggest foe.

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