We might not have seen the last of Karvanista if Doctor Who actor Craige Els has anything to say about it.


Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, Els suggested that the way in which the final episode of Doctor Who: Flux, ends could set up a spin-off featuring his character.

"Obviously, the last time you see him, he’s on that ship with Bel [played by Thaddea Graham and Vinder [played by Jacob Anderson]," said Els. "You sort of think: well, what’s he going to do now?

“Although he’s trying to give it all: 'Oh, I don’t want these on my ship. I want them to go' – I think if they stuck around a little while longer, he wouldn’t be too disappointed."

On the prospect of a spin-off featuring the trio, Els added that he'd "absolutely" be open to reprising Karvanista on audio for Big Finish, saying: "I’m living for it. I’m waiting for the phone call. It’s a Dog’s Life, starring Karvanista and Bel and Vinder [laughs]. Bring it on!"

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Doctor Who: Flux finale The Vanquishers was an emotional episode for Karvanista, who saw his entire race wiped out by the Sontarans and also revealed that, back in the Division days, he was the Doctor's companion.

"If the character were ever to come back, it’d be really interesting to explore that idea of who he was before, and at what stage in the Doctor’s life he was the companion, you know?" said Els.

"I think like most people, I would jump at the chance to come back, and be a part of the show again. A friend of mine said when I first got the job – he was saying, 'Wow, that’s amazing. It’s like getting to play for your country, isn’t it?'

"And it is. You know, being in Doctor Who, it’s like being handed an England shirt. 'Now’s your time.'

"You do feel a sort of honour and responsibility, all at the same time. But what a privilege, and what a joy to pay someone like Karvanista. I would absolutely come back and play him again."

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