It’s fair to say that not every character in Doctor Who: Flux had the most upbeat ending in the series finale (RIP Jericho, scourge of scoundrels) – but one little family did truly have their own happy ever after.


After spending the entire series hunting for each other, star-crossed lovers (and future parents) Vinder and Bel (Jacob Anderson and Thaddea Graham) were finally reunited, and ended the series heading out into the stars with their unborn child and reluctant “family dog” Karvanista (Craige Els).

But is this really the end for these characters? Recurring star Anderson is hoping that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Vinder, telling us that he has his fingers crossed that his character could be a part of the Whoniverse again.

“Oh, I would love that,” Anderson told “Who knows? You never know how the story ends.

“But I would be so excited to bring Vinder back, and for him to be brought back into the story.”

Though as a massive Who fan, he notes, he’d happily come back as anything – anything – if it let him keep being a part of the series.

“I would happily just, me as Jacob, come back as a Cyberman or as Dalek number six – gladly,” he said.

“If Chris [Chibnall] just asked me to come in for a day, and you don’t even see my face, I would have been like, ‘Absolutely.’”

Doctor Who
Karvanista and Bel in Doctor Who: Flux BBC Studios/James Pardon

By why stop at a Doctor Who cameo? After all, the dysfunctional spacefaring family Vinder has just made looks ripe for spin-off potential – and one of his potential co-stars is already laying out the possibilities.

“I’m living for it. I’m waiting for the phone call. It’s a Dog’s Life, starring Karvanista and Bel and Vinder,” Craige Els laughed.

“Bring it on.”

So who knows? Maybe The Vanquishers won’t be the last we see of Vinder, Bel and their strange extended family. Though we probably do have to admit that at this stage, the slightly outlandish theory about their baby might be better left behind along with the Flux and the destroyed Sontaran fleet…

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