Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Who's 2023 Christmas special, The Church on Ruby Road, ahead!


This Christmas, we've been treated to quite the gift in the form of Doctor Who's festive special, The Church on Ruby Road - and its spectacular musical number.

The Goblin Song has proven a hit among fans, with Christina Rotondo voicing Janis Goblin, but we also got to hear the musical talents of Doctor Who's two new lead actors, Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson!

After Janis finishes her musical stylings, the Doctor (Gatwa) introduces himself, saying: "I'm the Doctor and this is my friend, Ruby Sunday, and I would just like to say... why stop singing? Rock it, Janis!"

Breaking into song, he sings: "The Goblin King, the Goblin King, it's so good to meet you, you great big thing. I can see you're having a fun day, meet my friend, she's Ruby Sunday."

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Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who's Christmas special The Church on Ruby Road gathered on a rope
Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who's Christmas special The Church on Ruby Road. BBC Studios 2023,James Pardon

Ruby's turn! "It's good to meet you, good to greet you, good to say how diddly-deet you. It's my birthday, my oh my, I'm 50 miles up in the sky! Goblins, you can go to hell, 'cause you're not eating Lulubelle."

The pair manage to escape while the goblins are distracted, thankfully saving Lulubelle from the king!

An all-singing, all-dancing Doctor and companion duo you say? We love it.

Rotondo, who voices Janis Goblin, previously opened up to RadioTimes.com, saying of The Goblin Song: "Obviously, reading these lyrics, I'm like, 'What is this song about?' I actually thought I was getting punked or something.

"In my head, I was going through all these scenarios like, 'What could this possibly be used for?!'"

Returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has described The Church on Ruby Road as a "reinvention".

He added to SFX: "Reinvention of the show, brand new, but not a reboot, it's the same old show, everything starts again, everything's seen through the eyes of Ruby Sunday and it's that lovely feeling of here we go, a new era beginning."

Plus, the special marks a "sly step towards fantasy" for the show - and we can't wait to see what comes next.

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