Whovians assemble: Doctor Who has released an official Christmas single titled The Goblin Song.


Penned by composer Murray Gold and with lyrics by Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies, the song was released on Monday 11th December, with all proceeds going to Children in Need.

The Goblin Song’s music video features exclusive content from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, in which Ncuti Gatwa will make his full debut as the Fifteenth Doctor alongside his newest companion, Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson.

During the footage, a baby is sent along a conveyor belt into the jaws of the Goblin King, while a group of goblins sing and dance around in glee – and, naturally, it’s up to the Doctor and Ruby to save the day.

Davies said of the song: "We’re releasing this as an early Christmas present for everyone. And if you want to see how the Doctor and Ruby escape from the Goblin King at the end of the song, you’ll have to watch on Christmas Day."

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"I don’t like these goblins, and you won’t either, but they have agreed to donate everything from their song to BBC Children in Need - so let’s not give up on them," Gold added.

But what is the song actually about? Read on for The Goblin Song lyrics in full. Though, be warned: they're incredibly catchy.

The Goblin Song lyrics: The Doctor Who Christmas single in full

A goblin from the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 screaming
A goblin from the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023. BBC Studios/Bad Wolf/Maxine Howell

We've got a baby, we can feast!

We can dine three days at least.

Baby blood and baby bones,

Baby butter for the baby scones.

Little baby feets, little baby toes,

Ev’ry one of us wants the nose!

Baby’s had such very bad luck,

Now into baby, we will tuck!

Eat the baby, add some salt!

Bayleaves, barley, powdered malt!

Now baby’s salted, she’s a treat,

Her destiny, it’s time to meet!

Baby we need!

Baby we feed!

Eat with our teeth!

Better than beef!

Baby so soft!

Carried aloft!

Big brown eyes!


He’s the Goblin King,

Yes, the Goblin King,

He’s not a myth, he’s an actual thing!

Here’s the King!

Here’s the King!

Here’s the King!

Here’s the King Goblin!

We love the king,

We sing ding-a-ling,

And we love his chin when it’s wobbling,

He likes to dine on coincidence

It fills him, builds him up, and hence!

He can eat -

He can eat -

500 puppies with golden fur!

Orphan boys with jet black hair!

Circus clowns with a red balloon!

He can eat me,

He makes me swoon!

A banquet for a king on high

Oh little baby

Oh little baby

Say goodyyyyyyye!

How can I listen to Doctor Who's The Goblin Song?

The Goblin Song was released on 11th December and is available to listen to on BBC Sounds, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

Doctor Who will return for The Church on Ruby Road on BBC One at 5:55pm on Christmas Day.

Previous episodes are available on BBC iPlayer and on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.

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