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The Radio Times big TV and movie quiz of 2016

How much can you remember from this year's TV, film, news and radio?

Published: Saturday, 31st December 2016 at 7:00 am

Think you know 2016? See how much you can remember from the year's TV, movies, news and radio in our bumper quiz of the year.


The TV quiz – compiled by TV editor Alison Graham

  1. In which harrowing drama did Julie Walters play a faithful wife who came to doubt her husband’s honesty?
  2. What was the name of Queen Victoria’s dog in Victoria?
  3. Name the magazine editor who duped a documentary film-maker on air.
  4. Which grim Yorkshire cop grieved over the loss of his sidekick and then had his show cancelled by ITV?
  5. Who was an Army man with a secret in The Missing and a high-ranking Northern Ireland civil servant in The Truth Commissioner?
  6. Selling undies in 1980s Yorkshire proved to be a short-lived career for the characters in this saucy ITV drama, cancelled after just one series.
  7. BBC4 took us on a tour of the Yorkshire Dales that lasted two hours. Name the mode of transport and the title of the show.
  8. Clothes weren’t required for this very strange, deeply embarrassing C4 dating show. What was it called?
  9. Love, Nina was based on the diaries of London nanny Nina Stibbe. Name her real-life neighbour, a playwright and diarist.
  10. Which long- running US legal drama ended for good with a slap?

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