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Jeremy Clarkson reveals scenes that didn’t make it into the Grand Tour Scotland special

The petrolhead says lots of scenes don't make it on air.

Jeremy Clarkson,

It’s almost time for The Grand Tour Scotland special. The first part of the double bill arrives on Amazon Prime Video on April 30th and sees Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May taking on the Scottish Highlands in some ’70s American cars.


However, not every scene made its way onto the small screen, according to Clarkson, and there’s a good reason for that.

Asked if anything has been left out of the season four special, he told press including RadioTimes.com: “Inevitably. Our shooting ratio is off the charts. I think the average shooting ratio for a TV show these days is 12:1. For every one minute, 11 get thrown away. I think David Attenborough’s is probably 500:1, for obvious reasons, you know, he spends 499 hours waiting for a polar bear to come out. But ours is a massive shooting ratio. It’s like 1200:1.

“As Andy Wilman, our producer, always says, that’s how rubbish the three of us are. We have to throw away 1199 hours to get one good one. So lots of stuff ends up on the cutting floor. Lots of it does.”

So is there anything he wanted to see in The Grand Tour Scotland special which didn’t make the cut?

“Most of it doesn’t get shown for a very good reason,” he laughed.

Thanks to their production team, only the best bits make it to air – and one of Jeremy Clarkson’s highlights from the Grand Tour Scotland special revolves around Richard Hammond’s misfortune in a boat.

“I sort of planned the programme to leave 20 minutes for the ending because I knew something was going to go wrong, and then I started to panic because I thought, ‘If this all goes really well, that’s like three minutes on telly.’ And then I thought, ‘Oh, Richard has gone all this way and he hasn’t gone upside down,’ and then he went upside down and honestly my knees collapsed when that happened.”


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