Who is Kevin Davy White? The X Factor finalist who previously auditioned for The Voice

RadioTimes.com spoke to Kevin ahead of The X Factor final about how tough the show has been - and why we'll never see him without his hat

Kevin Davy White on The X Factor 2017

The X Factor 2017 finalists: Kevin Davy White

Twitter: @KevinDavyWhite


Instagram: kevindavywhite

Age: 29

From: Paris, France

Although he wasn’t one of the acts everyone was talking about in the early stages of The X Factor, Kevin Davy White has come alive in the live shows. He’s become as recognisable for his prowess on the guitar as for his impressive vocals, and his renditions of Come Together and George Michael’s Fast Love were standout moments from the whole series.

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How do you feel that your X Factor experience is coming to an end?

It’s sad, because all of the contestants, we’re like a family. And to see every week that someone is going, it’s really sad. But also, it’s really nice that there is an end as well [laughs]. It’s good!

If you do win, what will be the first thing that you do?

Sleep! It’s so intense.

Has it been a lot tougher than you thought it was going to be?

Yes. The easy part is the night which you have prepared for. It’s the easiest part. The hard work is every day. Throughout the week I work until I’m sure I know the song, so that it’s like muscle memory. Not just remembering it, but muscle memory so I don’t have to think anymore and just enjoy the moment.

You were the last act to win the Prize Fight and the most votes from the public. That must feel good going into the final?

Yeah. I’m really happy, honestly, to arrive to that point. I don’t know what is going to be my path. The UK is going to decide that for me. I feel ready about my song, but I don’t feel confident. I mean, it’s not my decision so I’m going to enjoy it for sure!

The X Factor Kevin Davy White

Rak-su and Grace Davies have performed a lot of original songs during the live shows, but you haven’t…

I did at Judges’ Houses, and thanks to that song I went through to the live shows. I just want to make sure that people can connect with, first of all, an entertainment show. So it’s nice that the public can connect with the song. I change the songs in my own way, but it’s nice for them to listen to something they know already.

You’re from Paris but do you see yourself staying in the UK forever now?

No, the UK adopted me, so I will stay here!

And lastly… would we ever see you perform without your hat?!

[laughs] No, no, it’s part of Kevin Davy White! I have four hats that are all the same.

Here is Kevin Davy White’s X Factor journey so far…

When X Factor singer Kevin Davy White revealed that he had previously auditioned for The Voice, we presumed that he must have at least made it to the final.So we were pretty stunned when we tracked down the YouTube video from his Blind Audition on The Voice in France last year. Watch below for Kevin’s amazing performance of Use Somebody and to see what happened next…

Although it was hard not to be distracted by all that incredibly weird blurring out that the French version of The Voice put over their videos, we couldn’t believe that not one of the coaches turned for Kevin.

“I did The Voice France just last year,” Kevin said just before his audition at Thorpe Park. “But X Factor’s a really big stage and I want people to hear my music.”

What did Kevin Davy White sing at his first audition for The X Factor?

After he walked into the audition room, Kevin explained that he was from Paris but came to live in London a year ago.

Now a full-time musician, Kevin was previously an electrician but said it wasn’t something he wanted to do. “It’s not who I am,” he said.

He went to the Thorpe Park auditions with his supportive girlfriend Amy and sang an acoustic version of Man’s World by James Brown.

It led Nicole to give him a standing ovation and say that she loved him. “You can make a record – I would listen to your voice,” she enthused.

Sharon Osbourne also said that the way in which he performed was “organic”, and Louis Walsh added that he had a “natural talent”. Simon Cowell, meanwhile, added that he had an “amazing” voice.

How did Kevin make it through to Judges Houses?

After sailing through the first audition stage, it was on to Boot Camp, where he ended up in a four-way singing match with Tommy Kendall, Rebecca Kelly and Anthony Russell.

Safely through with Anthony Russell – who subsequently had to pull out of the show for personal reasons – Kevin went on to the dreaded Six Chair Challenge.

After crowd noise forced him off the stage for a time, Kevin eventually belted out Bob Marley’s Is This Love, winning a place in Nicole Scherzinger’s Overs at Judges Houses.

Bon chance Kevin.

Who is Kevin Davy White?

He has uploaded loads of songs onto his YouTube channel whilst the talented musician has also released an EP called Mr Feeling. You can listen to it on SoundCloud here.

…Mr.Feeling v2… #limitededition #kdw #kevindavywhite #feeling #mister #mr.feeling #homemade

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Citing his inspirations as Ray Charles and James Brown, Kevin is also a touring musician and has most recently played gigs in London, Italy and his native France.

Apparently, Kevin is also working on an album that’s due for release in winter 2018.


The X Factor final airs Saturday December 2 and Sunday December 3 on ITV