As Nicole Scherzinger left the stage after (finally) deciding on the six singers from her Overs category that she wanted to take through to Judges' Houses, she had only this to say:

"That was the most brutal Six Chair Challenge I have ever done."

And she wasn't wrong.

There was one point where Sharon Osbourne had to come over to Nicole in the hot seat - a new twist for Six Chair Challenge this year - and tell her to "hold it together".

The mob ruled as Nicole bowed to pressure from the audience and brought Talia Dean back to the stage after deafening chants of "BRING HER BACK, BRING HER BACK" bellowed from the audience.

The screaming was so loud that poor Kevin Davy White had to come on, then go off and then come on again before the audience would quieten down enough for him to perform.

But whereas he was lucky enough to end up with a spot in the final six, sadly Gary Barker wasn't so fortunate. He was unceremoniously dumped - Simon Cowell saying he looked like a "funeral director" and Sharon Osbourne wading in with "tax collector" in the process. Bit much, no?

These are the six Overs who are now just one step away from The X Factor live shows:

Talia Dean

Talia Dean on The X Factor 2017


Slavko Kalezić on The X Factor 2017

Kevin Davy White

The X Factor Kevin Davy White

Berget Lewis

Berget Lewis on The X Factor 2017

Matt Linnen

Matt Linnen on The X Factor 2017

Tracy Leanne Jefford

Tracy Leanne Jefford on The X Factor 2017

The X Factor continues next Saturday and Sunday with Judges' Houses on ITV.