The X Factor’s Slavko Kalezić is a former Eurovision star who already knows Louis Walsh

Here's everything you need to know about the singer from Montenegro

Slavko Kalezić on The X Factor 2017

Who is Slavko Kalezić?

The 31-year-old singer from Montenegro already has his own Wikipedia page and first rose to prominence by taking part in series one of the Balkan version The X Factor, called X Factor Adria. He made it through to Judges’ Houses in 2013 but failed to make the live shows.


Slavko subsequently went on to represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2017 with his song Space, although sadly he didn’t qualify and therefore didn’t make it to the final.

It wasn’t all bad news though, because it’s here that he met Louis Walsh…

How does Slavko know Louis Walsh?

Louis looked rather sheepish when Slavko walked into the audition room, and it soon became clear why.

“I know this guy, I know this guy!” Louis kept saying as he fell about laughing. “We met in a far away country.”

Louis then explained that he had been at Eurovision in Ukraine with “an artist” and Slavko was representing Montenegro.

“I saw him backstage and I said he should do X Factor.”

Slavko then recalled the moment he met Louis, spotting him in the arena where the Eurovision heats were taking place and having the thought “Oh my God, Louis Walsh”. Which is probably the first time anyone’s thought that.

Slavko then revealed that the pair exchanged numbers and then… well, that’s about all we found out!

Is Slavko’s hair real?

We were under the impression that Slavko’s very impressive ponytail that he loves to fling around was the result of a lifetime of hair growth, but our illusions were shattered at Bootcamp. Slavko put in such an energetic performance that he doesn’t actually realise his ponytail falls off mid-whip.

Slavic Kalezić loses his hair on The X Factor 2017

So unfortunately we can assume that in fact, no. His ponytail is definitely not real after all.


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