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Who is Frog on The Masked Dancer?

Frog has made it to The Masked Dancer semi-final.

The Masked Dancer Frog
Published: Friday, 4th June 2021 at 11:16 am

It's time for The Masked Dancer semi-final. Last night (3rd June) two Masked Dancer contestants were unmasked on the show, leaving six still in the running to be crowned this year's champion.


One of those contestants is Frog, who has been hopping away and keeping us very confused.

Viewers thought Frog might be Pamela Anderson after she revealed "I've lived my life in slow motion", which fans believed to be a reference to Pam's iconic, slow-motion run on Baywatch.

However, a new guess has since emerged, with many pointing the finger at singer and TV star Kelly Osbourne. It comes after viewers got to hear Frog's undisguised voice for the first time as the character uttered the word: "Perfection."

Kelly, is that you?

Here's all the latest clues, guesses and theories about Frog, as the creature hops onto the stage for their third performance. Will they be able to keep their identity secret?

Who is Frog? Dances, songs, clues, guesses

Frog has been hopping onto the stage with some serious moves.


  • Episode two – Boom! Shake the Room by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
  • Episode four – Hey Ya! by Outkast


  • "I was making entertainment while I was still at school [...] one day my big sticky tongue caught a bug."
  • Frog is apparently a great explorer.
  • They have “lots of tales to tell”.
  • They love to travel.
  • Strawberry fields were mentioned.
  • A movie contract was shown in the VT.
  • A Diary Room was shown in the VT which hints at a Big Brother connection.
  • "Us frogs are explorers. As much as I love the water, you can't put a price on my appreciation for dry land. So one day I figured it was a perfect time to raise anchor and travelling across the lily pad to live the dream with beautiful views across the bay."
  • Puns on movie stars' names in the second VT.
  • "Looney" written on the side of the boat - could this be a reference to George Clooney?
  • Frog shared the screen with Oscar-winning royalty.
  • "I'm used to seeing men in tights."
  • There was a reference to George Orwell during Frog's third VT.
  • Frog has experienced "hurricanes" and "tornados."
  • "My loose tongue it likes to unravel."
  • A map was shown in Frog's VT with "The Great Pond" zoomed in on.
  • There was a jack in the box used as a prop during Frog's performance

Two lies and a truth clues:

  • "My career peaked in Wales"
  • "I've lived my life in slow motion"
  • "There's nothing two dimensional about me."

"Mind the Gaps" clue:

For The Masked Dancer, we have a 'Mind the Gaps' clue for each contestant where they give us a really helpful clue - only two of the keywords are missing from the sentence.

For Frog, the clue is:

“I went from appearing in a red _, to appearing against a red, blue and yellow _”

Word Up clue:

For The Masked Dancer, viewers are giving the opportunity to hear the contestants undisguised voice just once as they say one word. Frog's Word Up was: Perfection.


  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Helen Skelton
  • Theresa May
  • Carol Vorderman
  • Emma Willis
  • Rebecca Adlington
  • Ruby Wax
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Lisa Snowdon
  • Kelly Brooke
  • Tiffany Pollard
  • Traci Bingham

The Masked Dancer theories

Is Frog Kelly Osbourne?

Is Frog Kelly Osbourne
Is Frog Kelly Osbourne

Fans are convinced the American star is behind this costume after hearing Frog speak. Kelly also fits a lot of the other clues. The judges are certain Frog is American, so there's that. Viewers picked up on the Ozzy reference on the map and the jack in the box could be a reference to Kelly's younger brother Jack.

Is Frog Pamela Anderson?

Pamela Anderson (Getty)

If there's one person who certainly has "lived their life in slow motion" it's Pamela Anderson, who became famous for her slow and dramatic runs on Baywatch. The former Playboy model one appeared in Big Brother in 2011, which also aligns with the clues package... We wouldn't be surprised if we saw her famous blonde hair when Frog is finally unmasked.

Is Frog Helen Skelton?

Is Frog Helen Skelton?
Is Frog Helen Skelton? Getty Images

Some viewers think English presenter Helen Skelton could be the show's Frog.

Following Frog's debut performance, one viewer took the opportunity to Tweet Skelton, asking: "@HelenSkelton are you frog in the masked dancer?" alongside an image of Frog.

At first glance, Skelton didn't seem like an obvious choice for Frog, but the character does love to travel and since 2014, she has presented the BBC's Countryfile. She also co-presented two series of the BBC One programme Holiday Hit Squad alongside Angela Rippon and Joe Crowley. So we won't cross her off the list just yet!

Is Frog Theresa May?

Is Frog Theresa May?
Is Frog Theresa May? Getty Images

Every now and then, a famous face gets put in the potential four line-up and we are left scratching our heads as to why. Never more is that the case than the suggestion that the former Prime Minister would be dancing on stage dressed as a frog – even if she is known for her awkward dancing at political events. Still, Alan Johnson was in the first series of The Masked Singer, so perhaps we shouldn't rule her out.

Is Frog Carol Vorderman?

Carol Vorderman
Is The Masked Dancer's Frog Carol Vorderman? Getty Images

Well, we know that Carol Vorderman is great with numbers but how good is she at dancing while dressed as a frog? It could well be her; Carol does enjoy a laugh, but we are not sure that the clues match up to her strongly enough for it to be conclusive. An outside guess this one!

Is Frog Emma Willis?

Is The Masked Dancer's Frog Emma Willis
Is The Masked Dancer's Frog Emma Willis

The Big Brother clue had the panel guessing Davina McCall but as she was sat right alongside them, Emma Willis had her name thrown in to the mix. It could be Emma – it would be easy for ITV to get her as she still hosts The Voice – but that one clue aside, we don't think what we saw and heard matches with Emma.

Is Frog Rebecca Adlington?

Is The Masked Dancer's Frog Rebecca Adlington?
Is The Masked Dancer's Frog Rebecca Adlington? Getty Images

A lot of the clues about Frog don't feel like they fit with the guesses of the panel and while we can kind of see why Rebecca was selected – she has travelled the world in her diving career – it's another theory that just doesn't fit all the facts. We're open to being proven wrong, but this is another long shot guess for us.


The Masked Dancer is on ITV daily at 7pm or 7:30pm, except Wednesday, 2nd June. Episodes are also available to stream on the ITV Hub. For something else to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub.


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