We may be 13 series in to Britain’s Got Talent, but there’s no sign that the nation, and beyond, is running out of highly talented folk.


It seems judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams will have their work cut out whittling the acts down for the semi-finals, but they'll also be sending their absolute favourites directly through with a press of that Golden Buzzer.

Here’s who’s made it to the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals so far, with updates as the series progresses...

Britain's Got Talent 2019 semi-finalists

Chapter 13 (Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer)

Teen rockers Jacob, 14, and Noah, Tom and Jake, all 15, met while working on the stage musical School of Rock.

They wowed judges and audience alike with their professional and very infectious rock style as they performed a medley of Stevie Wonder tracks – and impressed Amanda Holden so much that she "couldn't resist" hitting the Golden Buzzer for them.

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Amanda told the boys, “I don’t think I’ve seen four young musicians so put together. It was spot on. I just think you are absolutely incredible and now you just have to win the whole show!”

Fellow judge Alesha Dixon added “The musicianship I saw was outstanding, it was so impressive," while David Walliams called them “refreshing and brilliant” and Simon Cowell compared them to Busted. High praise indeed.

Giorgia Borg (Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer)

At the age of ten, Borg is the youngest ever contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer. She stunned the judges with her vocal range and even sang her very own song.

On sending her straight through to the semi-finals, Alesha Dixon said: “It takes a lot to really move me, you absolutely floored me. Your vocal capability, your lyrical capability – you’re 10 years old! You’re a star.”

Flakefleet Primary School choir (David Walliams’s Golden Buzzer)

After a joyful performance of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, Walliams burst into tears and hit his Golden Buzzer for the kids' chorus and choirmaster/headteacher Dave McPartlin.

"It was just one of the most joyous things I've ever seen," he told them. "You've made all our hearts soar today; it's what you want your childhood to have been like and it's what you want your children's childhood to be like – which is just full of unbridled joy."

Kojo Anim (Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer)

Anim's routine about being broke was actually right on the money, with Simon Cowell deciding to push the golden buzzer for the comedian.

"I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t really like comedians on this show,” he said, to boos from the crowd. "But I love you.

"You were so funny and so unpredictable. You had the most amazing energy. This is the break you’ve been waiting for."

Akshat Singh (Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer)

The 13-year-old from Mumbai wowed the judges with his energetic dance routine to both Indian music and Nicki Minaj’s Starships.

Before he kicked off, he told the judges “I have two mottos in life. To make everyone happy and to show everyone that nothing is impossible.”

And it was job done as the judges gave Akshat a standing ovation before Ant and Dec bashed the Golden Buzzer to send him straight through to the semi-finals.


AGE: 17-19

FROM: Kent, Norfolk, London


"Getting to the live shows means everything to us," said the group. "Magic has been our life and getting the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience and on live TV is a dream come true!"

Angels Inc.

Angels Inc BGT (©Syco/Thames/ITV)

AGE: 23-28

FROM: The Netherlands


When quizzed about what we could expect for their semi finals performance, they replied, "Expect to be blown away by even more female power than you saw at our first audition."

Barbara Nice

AGE: 65

FROM: Stockport

TALENT: Comedian

"I am really looking forward to performing at The Apollo in the Live Semi-Finals," she said. "I loved my audition and can’t wait to be part of it all again - with the added edge of it being live!"

Ben Hart

AGE: 27

FROM: London

TALENT: Magician

"I’m really excited!" he said. "Magic is at its very best when it’s live as anything can happen."

Brian Gilligan

AGE: 32

FROM: Dublin

TALENT: Singer

"It’s going to be a bigger and better song for the semi-finals, and I’m laying it all down for my family," he said.

Colin Thackery

AGE: 89

FROM: London

TALENT: Singer

"I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to stand in front of the judges again, and sing for the other Chelsea Pensioners, my friends and family," he said.

Dave & Finn

Dave and Finn Britain's Got Talent ©Syco/Thames/ITV

AGE: 42

FROM: Hertfordshire


"You can expect more tricks from Finn and hopefully a few amazing surprises," he said.

Duo A&J

DUO A&J BGT ©Syco/Thames

AGE: 26 and 28

FROM: Ukraine and Coventry

TALENT: Ariel Performers

The pair said, "We’re very excited but nervous, we can’t wait and hope we can amaze everyone as much as we did in our first audition."

Fabulous Sisters

AGE: 12-26

FROM: Japan

TALENT: Dance Group

The dance group from Japan told us to expect "much more girl power" in the semi-finals. "We’re going to combine elements of elegance and power to wow the British public," they said.

Faith Tucker

Faith Tucker BGT(ITV)

AGE: 18

FROM: Nottingham

TALENT: Singer

"My next performance will be based around a beautiful modern song turned into a classical crossover rendition, which I hope everybody will enjoy," she said.

Graeme Mathews

Britains Got Talent, Graeme Mathew (©Syco/Thames)

AGE: 34

FROM: Chelmsford

TALENT: Comedy Magician

"In my audition Amanda was my glamorous assistant and the judges should watch out as I may need another victim…I mean volunteer!" he teased.

Gomonov Knife Show

AGE: 25 and 36

FROM: Belarus

TALENT: Knife Throwing

On their semi-finals performance, the duo teased, "Expect more dangerous tricks, new props, and fire!"


Gonzo, BGT (©Syco/Thames)

AGE: 33

FROM: Japan

TALENT: Extreme Tambourine Performer

Expect Gonzo to be daring in the semis. "I will show the fusion of tambourine and hero power," he said.

Lil Icons

AGE: 9-18

FROM: Port Talbot


"We have even more iconic artists joining the line-up, it’s going to be fun and upbeat, and we hope we can get everyone up on their feet again," they said.

Jacob Jones

AGE: 27

FROM: London

TALENT: Singer

"In the next performance you will see something totally unexpected and outside of the box," he said.

Jimmy Tamley

AGE: 64

FROM: Devon

TALENT: Comedy Ventriloquist

"I'm going to perform a piece that I can only do once, when you see it, you'll understand that my material cannot have been road tested on gigs, because it will be so unique!" he said.

John Archer

AGE: 58

FROM: Stockton-On-Tees

TALENT: Comedy Magician

"I have decided to 'up' the difficulty of the magic for the Semi-Final and if that's not difficult enough, I've got to try and stay funny while I do it," he said.

Jonathan Goodwin

AGE: 38

FROM: South Wales

TALENT: Magician

"I’m super excited about the Semi-Finals of BGT. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m really excited to see if I can pull off what I have planned," he teased.

Kerr James

AGE: 12

FROM: Glasgow

TALENT: Singer

On his semi-finals performance, he said, "I am totally buzzing to get another opportunity to perform at an incredible venue in front of the judges and the millions of people who watch BGT."

Khronos Girls

AGE: 16-18

FROM: London

TALENT: Dance Group

The feminist dance group are keen to share another important message. "The piece is fierce and energetic and will hopefully resonate with anyone, male or female, that has ever looked in the mirror and allowed the demons to make them think they’re not good enough," they said.


AGE: 22-35

FROM: Milton Keynes, Bedford, Ealing

TALENT: Dancing and Singing

There's fighting talk from KNE. "It has been a dream since KNE began and to be living that dream now is unbelievable. The chance to perform in front of the royal family is out of this world and we will fight with everything we have got to make it happen!" they said.

Leanne Mya

AGE: 31

FROM: London

TALENT: Singing

On her semi-finals act, Leanne explained, "I want to inspire people, and my performance will be a homage to one of my heroes who is also a huge supporter of the Grenfell community."

Mark McMullan

AGE: 23

FROM: Newcastle

TALENT: Singing

"I think the audience should expect to see a different side to my vocal capabilities in the live shows," he said. "Any time I sing it always has a message and I hope my song choice is one that everyone can relate to and really feel part of the performance."

Matt Stirling

Matt Stirling Britain's Got Talent ©Syco/Thames/ITV


FROM: London

TALENT: Stunt Magic

Teasing on what we can expect, Matt said, "A few more magic stunts than we had before and a kicker of an ending!"

Rob King

AGE: 28

FROM: Manchester

TALENT: Singing

"I can't wait for the Semi-Finals. It's obviously daunting and way beyond my comfort zone, but I'm ready to give it my all and show the judges and the nation what I can do," he said.

Rosie and Adam

AGE: 21 and 38

FROM: Blackpool

TALENT: Acrobatic Figure Skating

We can expect something brand new from Rosie and Adam for the semis. "We have taken one of our tricks that we have invented and taken it a couple of levels higher to unveil another world first!" they said.

Siobhan Phillips

AGE: 41

FROM: Wakefield

TALENT: Musical Comedy

"Without giving too much away, you can expect laughter...hopefully with me and not at me! Which is why I’ve cut the pole dancing section...!" she joked.

State of the Fart

AGE: 26

FROM: Israel

TALENT: Musician

"For my next performance you can definitely expect the unexpected! It's going to be bigger, better and smellier!" he teased.

The Brotherhood

TALENT: Danger Samurai Magic Act

The highly dangerous act is keeping schtum on what we can expect for the semis.

The Haunting

The Haunting Elizabeth BGT (ITV)

TALENT: Haunting Magic Act

The creepy Elizabeth is just as tight-lipped on her new performance.

The Queen

AGE: 92

FROM: Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty revealed, "I’ve ruled out a duet with Lady Gaga, but one may show her just how long a robe can be worn with flair."

Tony Rudd

AGE: 58

FROM: Bournemouth

TALENT: Impressionist

"Appearing on the Apollo stage and being on TV in front of millions of people live is just incredible and a lifelong dream!" he gushed.

Ursula Burns

Britain's Got Talent Ursula (ITV)

AGE: 48

FROM: Belfast

TALENT: Harpist

"It won't be classical, and it won't be folk... I'm looking forward to bringing the harp to a new level," she said.

Vardanyan Brothers

Vardanyan Brothers BGT (ITV Screenshot)

AGE: 28 and 32

FROM: Russia

TALENT: Danger Balancing Act

"We hope we can entertain and impress the British public once again," they said. "Our aim is not to instil fear but to show that we are dedicated performers who train hard. We hope we can continue to find the balance, not just in acrobacy, but also in life."



X wouldn't give a teaser of their next act, so we have to tune in to find out


Britain's Got Talent - The Live Semi Finals launch Monday 27th May at 7:30pm on ITV, and will continue each night. The Final will air on Sunday, 2nd June.