Strictly Come Dancing bosses have gone to extra lengths to keep the identities of this year's all-star line-up a secret.


The 15 yet-to-be-announced celebrities have been given Disney-inspired code names in the run up to the show's 13th series, revealed Jeremy Vine.

Vine became the first celebrity to be confirmed for this year's Strictly on Chris Evans' breakfast show this morning, telling listeners that up until his big reveal he had been going by the name 'Nemo'.

"We've all been named after Disney characters... that's how secretive they are about it," he told Evans.

"I went to this doctors surgery to do this medical [for Strictly Come Dancing] and they are really secretive. I said, 'Hi, it's Jeremy Vine. I've got an appointment for 3 o'clock,' and they said, 'We don't have any record of you here, Mr Vine.'

"I thought, this is some kind of mistake here. And then I said, 'Ah, wait.... Nemo.' And they said, 'Yeah, we have Nemo down' and gave me a big wink.

"I realised they were using a code word that we are all given. We've all been named after Disney characters and I'm Nemo! That's how secretive they are about it."

Vine also revealed that he was made to wear a box with a question mark on it on his head in BBC Broadcasting House in case Evans recognised him. The lengths those chaps over at Strictly will go to keep a secret, eh?

The decision to name all of this year's Strictly contestants after Disney characters to protect their identities could very well have been inspired by Notting Hill, which sees Julia Roberts' character Anna Scott check into London hotels as Miss Flintstone and Miss Pocahontas.

So if you work in a fake-tanning salon in the Greater London area and a Disney character appears to book an appointment in the next few days, the very first thing you should do is get in touch with us...

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