Jeopardy! is making its way across the pond, with those from the UK now able to play the game show, hosted by none other than Stephen Fry.


The iconic game show will provide fans with all the nostalgia, all while introducing the quiz show to a brand new audience. While there are similarities to the US version in order to keep the rules of the game the same, Stephen Fry has opened up about the slight change made to the UK show.

He explained: "The only real difference is that the UK version is a little longer with an extra round. The signature Jeopardy! oddity of the questions being answers and the responses having to be given in the form of questions remains the same."

The new game show will have 22 episodes and will see contestants play to win, using their best general knowledge to win rounds and potentially a huge cash prize... if they can stay on until the end, that is.

As Fry mentioned, participants are able to play an extra round in comparison to the original format. This has been done to increase the stakes for the players.

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Speaking about how the contestants adapted to the extra round, Fry said it was "amazing" to see.

Stephen Fry wearing a suit with his hands in his pockets with a screen that reads Jeopardy! behind him
Stephen Fry. Whisper North/ITV

"I was fairly insistent from the outset that we shouldn't compromise on the standard or d***er about with the rules and procedures which are time-honoured and proven," he explained.

He added: "Fortunately, ITV and Whisper, the production company behind the series, were in complete agreement."

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Much like the US version, the jackpot continues to build for as long as the champion stays on, so there is no doubt people's general knowledge will be tested.

Over in America, Ken Jennings (now the presenter of the show) won 74 shows in a row, and won a huge $2.52 million. Over the course of the series, Jennings won more than $4.5 million – could anyone in the UK get closer?

Watch Jeopardy! from 5:45pm on ITV1 and ITVX from Monday 1st January 2024.


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