Sesame Street’s parody of The Avengers proves they’re Earth’s mightiest puppets

Onion Man? Mighty Corn? Black Bean Widow? It's time to face the Aveggies

“What happened to my asparagus?” Said no one. Ever.


But in the alternative reality of Sesame Street, where evil forces prepare to destroy all the healthy vegetables in the world, only The Aveggies can save the day.

It’s another movie parody from the punning puppets, loosely teaching us all to focus… or something. To be honest, we weren’t paying much attention once we realised that Cookie Monster was going to turn into the Incredible Hulk.

Onion Man and Black Bean Widow are definite improvements on the real thing, although even we have to admit that Captain Ameri-Cauliflower and Zucchin-Eye are pretty rotten.


It’s got nothing on Game of Chairs