Ed Sheeran jams with Elmo and Cookie Monster on Sesame Street

The British singer-songwriter made his second appearance on the US kids' show – accompanied by some familiar furry friends

Yesterday saw Ed Sheeran join forces with Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster & co, and no, this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. 


The British singer-songwriter formed a band with some of our favourite furry friends to impart some important wisdom about living in “two different worlds” – one at home and one at school. 

“At home I move wherever I like, I can run around or ride my bike,” he warbled. “At school we have a different way, we stand in line every day.” 

And – being Ed Sheeran – he made sure to insert some “oh-oh-ohs” where possible… 

But while his performance has only just appeared in full, our first-look at the 24-year-old’s debut on the US children’s television show – which has been on-air since 1969 – came all the way back in November 2013 courtesy of a behind-the-scenes video profiling his and Macklemore’s upcoming guest spots. 


“I got a call from Elmo and he wanted me to come down and play dominos with Grover,” explains Sheeran. “He’s a mean dominos player, I tell you,” reports his new blue pal. And the rest was history…