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Who's going to be dumped on Love Island tonight?

The shock recoupling sees several girls in danger of being dumped from the island…

Published: Monday, 24th June 2019 at 12:23 pm

After a slow start to series five, Love Island is now bringing lashings of drama to our weeknights.


While it initially seemed to be smooth sailing to the final for some of our couples, the arrival of a few new bombshells has plunged everything into uncertainty.

And tonight’s recoupling will see one of the girls packing her bags and sashaying away from the villa.

So who is at danger of a dumping? The weighed up the options…

With some couples now seemingly at the unshakeable stage, we can safely assume that Curtis will choose to recouple with Amy (despite their genuinely pointless kissing row last week), Michael will couple up with Amber (honestly, these two have to win), and Tommy will pick Molly-Mae after the pair quite publicly joined the Do Bits Society.

Following Sherif’s shock departure earlier this series, it seems Anna has now found romance with new boy Jordan, with the pair having shared several passionate kisses – so they will probably make their coupling official in tonight’s ceremony.

That leaves four girls at risk of getting the boot, with Yewande superficially seeming to be the most vulnerable.

The scientist was certainly unprepared for the chemistry between her current partner Danny and brand new bombshell Arabella, with the model claiming the two had “an undeniable connection”.

Having previously treated Danny coolly, Yewande upped the ante between the two – kissing him passionately and sitting on his lap to try and show more affection towards him.

However, following a frank discussion between herself and Arabella, a tearful Yewande confessed her feelings, and told Danny that he is now free to get to know Arabella and then choose follow his heart.

But Danny has also admitted that he does still have feelings for Yewande, and would like to carry on “getting to know her” (you’ve had twelve days, Danny, but okay) which could leave Arabella in the firing line should Danny decide to stick with Yewande after all.

Lucie is also vulnerable in tonight’s recoupling. Having been made single after partner Joe was voted out of the villa, Lucie has failed to crack on with any of the new guys who have made their way to Majorca – and was previously temped to quit the villa to join Joe in the outside world.

But Lucie is good pals with the perpetually-unlucky-in-love Anton, which could see her stay in the villa extended should they decide to embark on a friendship-only coupling.

Maura Love Island ©ITV

However, Maura is the real spanner in the works amidst all this drama. Having first set her sights on Tommy (and being pied quite completely), the model was enjoying a brief flirtation with fellow model Tom – with things heating up after the pair shared a passionate kiss on the terrace.

However, Tom seems to have royally ballsed things up with Maura after she overheard his cocky bravado to the other lads about whether the famously flirtatious Maura would prove to be “all mouth” once he got her into the Hideaway.

Furious, Maura (rightly) told Tom to “f*** himself” – which left him red-faced and grovelling for forgiveness.

Could he still be prepared to couple up with Maura to keep her in the villa? Or will Anton go rogue and pick someone unexpected?


The Love Island re-coupling is tonight, Tuesday 24th June, at 9pm on ITV2


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