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Who is Jordan Hames? Meet the Love Island series 5 contestant and model

The model and "lads' lad" is looking for his own Jennifer Lopez lookalike

Published: Monday, 29th July 2019 at 8:35 pm

Model Jordan Hames is looking for love as one of the Love Island series five male bombshells living in the villa.


Here's everything you need to know...

Meet Jordan Hames...

Who is Jordan coupled up with on Love Island? Jordan was coupled up with Anna — before he attempted (read: failed) to crack on with India. he and Anna were later dumped from the villa.

Age: 24

From: Manchester

Job: Model

Instagram: @jxrdanhames

Jordan is a model whose campaigns have included Adidas World Cup, where he met none other than David Beckham on set. Asked about his looks, he said: "I would say I am solid 9.8 out of ten. Not quite a ten, no one is perfect. My best feature is my hair."

On the dating scene, Jordan adds that he's "usually a smooth operator. Usually I’m on point!"

"I like meeting girls in real life," he continues. "I saw a girl who was wearing a nice pair of trainers at a concert once, so I went over and complimented her on them and that’s how we started talking. Otherwise I slide into the DMs."

What is Jordan looking for in the villa?

The 24-year-old self-confessed "lads' lad" has revealed that he already has his eye on several of the girls inside the villa: "I like all of them, I’m greedy in that sense. I like blondes, brunettes, red heads. I would say Anna, Amber, Molly-Mae and Elma are on my radar."

Revealing that his celebrity crush is Jennifer Lopez, Jordan said that his ideal woman is "someone who has got nice eyes, good energy and good banter, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously but is career driven. I like them to be fiery.

"If I’m in a relationship with someone who says ‘yes’ all the time, I’ll just be seeing what I can get away with. I like someone spontaneous, I love travelling. I’m the sort of guy who will book to go on a city break on a Friday and then go on the Saturday."

What has Jordan been up to in the villa?

The newcomer went on dates with Maura and Anna, hitting it off with the latter. Jordan later confirmed that he has his eyes focused on her and her alone for now.

But Anna's head was turned in Casa Amor, and she returned coupled up with newcomer Ovie. Jordan was left single as a result, but that wasn't the end of the story.

The pair shared a cuddle in bed after Anna returned, before she confessed: “I miss you too it’s hard when you’re walking past and I’m not touching you.”

That evening she admitted that she had "less sexual chemistry" with Ovie, and a few days later, Anna made up her mind, dumping Ovie and settling back with Jordan.

The pair then coupled up during the girls-pick-boys recoupling and have since enjoyed a cheeky night away in the Hideaway — when Jordan performed a rather raunchy dance for Anna.

They later became boyfriend and girlfriend, but a shock twist at the end of the next day's episode saw Jordan revealing to Curtis that his head had been turned by India - before deciding to "set course" for the new girl.

Jordan then dismissed Anna's concerns over a Calippo ice-cream, telling her that he felt "they weren't having as much fun anymore", before reassuring her not to read too much into things.

But, Jordan found himself in hot water with the girls of the villa after he decided to start cracking on with India anyway. While Curtis warned partner Maura not to get involved, she decided to tell Anna that Jordan had had his head turned.

A dramatic showdown ensued, with Anna asking Jordan whether he was "a f****** idiot", and Amber telling him his behaviour was "disrespectful".

Anna slept on the day beds alongside Maura, before ditching Jordan during the baby challenge and making it clear that they were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. The couple were then dumped from the villa after they once again ended up in the bottom two couples.


Love Island airs on ITV2


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