*Warning: Spoilers ahead for RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 5.*


RuPaul's Drag Race UK is nearing the end, and as the remaining queens attempt to prove they have what it takes to be named the UK's Next Drag Race Superstar 2023, things are heating up.

So far, we have had to say goodbye to six queens, who were all unable to secure their spot in the competition for another week. This week, we unfortunately had to wave goodbye to yet another.

On this week's Drag Race UK, the group entered the Dragiators ring for a fierce roast, and ahead of the roast battle, Alan Carr mentored the queens with a comedy masterclass.

Special guest Aisling Bea joined the judging panel this episode, alongside RuPaul and Michelle Visage, to determine the fate of yet another queen.

So, who left RuPaul's Drag Race UK this week?

Read on for a list of all the contestants who have left Drag Race UK season 5 so far, including who was eliminated in Week 9.

Week 9 - DeDeLicious

DeDeLicious wearing a red outfit with red boots
DeDeLicious. World of Wonder/Guy Levy

After finding herself in the bottom two alongside Tomara Thomas, Mama Ru asked them to lip sync for their lives to Little Bird by Annie Lennox.

Unfortunately for DeDeLicious, it wasn't her time.

RuPaul told DeDeLicious: "My double D queen, you are delightful and de-gorgeous."

And so, that meant DeDeLicious had to sashay away from the competition. Before she left, she said: "It looks like DeDeLicious just got DeDeported. Oh No! Love y'all!"

Speaking of her time on the competition, DeDeLicious said: "I was so close to the top three… Tomara, grrr! In all seriousness, I'm leaving on such a high note… I was a lip sync assassin, I took three people down. I'm going to DeDe smash my way out of here and go to bed!"

Week 8 - Kate Butch

Kate Butch wearing a navy and orange outfit, holding a snorkel
Kate Butch. Guy Levy/World Of Wonder

During the challenge, Kate Butch opted for a pink lady theme as per one of her favourite films, Grease. However, her transformation of Xan wasn't enough to impress the judges.

Kate Butch and DeDeLicious were declared as the "bottoms" of the week, and they were both asked to lip sync for their lives to This Hell by Rina Sawayama.

However, for Kate Butch, it was time to sashay away.

As she left the competition, Kate Butch said: "You can't fire me, I quit! Oh, too slow… eurgh! Thank you for allowing a silly little person like me to compete with these absolute icons. Thank you so much."

Week 7 - Cara Melle

Cara Melle
Cara Melle. BBC/World of Wonder

Cara Melle's time was up on this week's Drag Race after coming in the bottom two alongside Michael Marouli.

All three melodramas impressed the judges and RuPaul said: "Choosing a bottom two this week was harder than Kate Butch's hairline in the screen test. It all came down to who delivered the most funny."

After the judges deliberated, Mama Ru declared Michael and Cara as the "bottoms" of the week, and so they were asked to lip sync to Touch Me (I Want Your Body) by Samantha Fox.

Unfortunately for Cara Melle, it was time for her to sashay away.

In her exit interview, Cara Melle said: "I'm feeling, to be honest, heartbroken. I really wanted to go all the way. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I’m so proud of myself for making it this far."

Week 6 - Vicki Vivacious

RuPaul's Drag Race UK Vicki Vivacious
Vicki Vivacious. World Of Wonder/Guy Levy World Of Wonder/Guy Levy

On this week's Drag Race UK, the queen who had to leave the competition was Vicki Vivacious.

For her Snatch Game, Viki Vivacious impersonated English TV chef and food critic Fanny Cradock, but she received poor reviews.

Speaking of her performance, Michelle Visage said: "Fanny Cradock, you looked like her, you had some moments, but it just wasn't funny… I just think you are an over-thinker and you got too far into trying to become her instead of having fun with her."

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After much deliberation, Vicki Vivacious and DeDeLicious were declared the "bottoms" of the week, and were asked to lip sync for their lives to Heartbreak on Hold by Alexandra Burke. Unfortunately, time was up for Vicki Vivacious.

As she left the show, Vicki Vivacious said: "From Cornwall with love. Now put those bloody pasties in the oven, I'm coming home! I'm more iconic than the Cornish pasty. Love most of ya! Vicki."

Week 5 - Banksie

Banksie. World Of Wonder/Guy Levy

On this week's Drag Race UK, the queen who had to sashay away was Banksie.

Speaking of her performance, Cush Jumbo said: "There was a little more evil that wanted to come out, that just couldn't quite get out. And it's hard when they give you a nose like that. You've got to be playing bigger than that nose in order to get to the back of the auditorium."

Banksie and DeDeLicious were declared as the "bottoms" of week five, and were asked to lip sync for their lives to I Dreamed a Dream by Susan Boyle, and it was Banksie who didn't manage to win over the judges.

In her exit interview, Banksie said: "Sad not being in here anymore, it's really nice. Feel a bit gutted, but it was a great season and it was a really, really good week for everybody. Also, I went out looking gorgeous, and that is pretty fab."

Week 4 - Miss Naomi Carter

Miss Naomi Carter
Miss Naomi Carter. World Of Wonder/Guy Levy

Miss Naomi Carter became the second contestant to be eliminated from the competition after facing Cara Belle in the lip sync challenge, performing to The Only Way Is Up by Yazz.

"Miss Naomi Carter – from this moment on the only way is up. Now, Sashay-away," RuPaul told Miss Naomi Carter.

In her parting interview, Naomi said: "Not going to lie, I'm gutted that I'm going home but I've learnt a lot about myself and I've had an absolute ball whilst I've been here. RuPaul's my Mam now so that's the best feeling in the world. I'd invite Ru to Donny, but I know for a fact he wouldn't be able to understand anyone at all! I'm so proud to be a Ru Girl."

The queen described her experience in the competition as an "incredible experience".

"I've met so many amazing people. I've met my all time icon, RuPaul and also meeting the fabulous Michelle Visage was incredible – she’s so gorgeous in person.

"I'm obsessed! And I met my amazing fellow queens as well. It was ALL such an incredible experience."

Week 2 - Alexis Saint Pete

Alexis Saint Pete.
Alexis Saint Pete. BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy

Alexis Saint Pete became the first contestant to be eliminated from the competition after going head to head against Miss Naomi Carter in the lip sync challenge, performing to Hot In It by Charli XCX.

During the show, Alexis Saint Pete failed to impress the judges with her self-made couture clothing.

"The neckline is a little wonky and the hemline is [a] little bit questionable," RuPaul said of Alexis Saint-Pete's runway look.

In her parting interview, Alexis said: "I didn't want to go home first. I wanted to show so much more. But I'm walking away as a winner already in my heart. I'm so happy to be here in my new homeland and I hope to come back stronger than ever."

The queen described her experience in the competition as "amazing and unforgettable".

"Meeting RuPaul was out of this world – she's such an icon and it was just out of this world when she chose me as one of the tops of the week in the opening episode last week. It means so much to me," she said.

"I don't regret a thing. I honestly had the best time ever and I loved everybody from my fellow sisters to the crew. It was everything that I dreamed about."

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 5 airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

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