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The Great British Bake Off is back and everyone's in love with Selasi

He was TOTALLY robbed when it came to Star Baker. Jus' sayin'.

Published: Wednesday, 24th August 2016 at 9:25 pm

The Great British Bake Off returned to UK TV screens tonight but from the moment Selasi Gbormittah appeared, the cake took second fiddle.


You see banker Selasi rode in on his motorbike and took the internet by storm with his smooth Superman-esque moves.

All the guy had to do was show up and the internet crumbled faster than a fine digestive in a mug of tea.

He forgot to put the cinnamon in his drizzle cake, but it mattered not.

Selasi couldn't have given a flying frangipane - he was just going to do it all his way.

And Twitter REALLY appreciated that.

While everyone else was pulling their hair out during the jaffa cake technical, Selasi was cooler than a correctly frozen Baked Alaska.

And surprise, surprise, his chocolate orange delights were the cream of the cake or biscuit crop.

And when he forgot to put the vanilla pods in his showstopper, Selasi uttered the immortal words: "I don't understand it, I'm just baking it."

With one almighty stare at the camera, Selasi drizzled his charm across the nation.

The viewers at home weren't the only ones falling for him, though. Not even Paul Hollywood was immune.

And by the time the moment to crown Star Baker arrived, everyone was calling it for the smooth operator.

But... SHOCK HORROR. Jane claimed the title instead.


We have a feeling he'll have a LOT more Twitter followers very soon...

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