The Apprentice continued this week with the third candidate being fired from Lord Sugar's boardroom.


Following the BBC centenary-inspired cartoon challenge, Gregory Ebbs found himself in the firing line, as the other Apprentice 2023 candidates thought he hadn't contributed.

Speaking exclusively to, the 26-year-old from Shropshire revealed who he believes should have been fired instead of him - and it's none other than his group's team leader, Reece Donnelly.

"Reece came in and he had a lot of experience with that particular task. So, a lot of responsibility lies with him," Gregory said. "But on the other hand, as I say, the characters, the cartoon, the pitch - these are all factors which, unfortunately, we just didn't match up to.

"I mean, the performance of the other team was a lot better than ours. So it's difficult to place responsibility on one shoulders, but certainly the team leader does hold a lot of responsibility."

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You can watch Gregory's thoughts on his Apprentice exit below. Keep watching at the end of each video for more from the entrepreneur.

During the final discussion in the boardroom, Reece argued that Gregory didn't pull his weight during the challenge, unlike the other team members.

Asked why he decided to take a backseat, Ebbs explained: "It was a concern of mine throughout the entire process. It's about maintaining a fine balance.

"At the end of the day, it's not about how much you say, which helps you sustain and helps you survive the process. It's about whether your team wins or loses and that's literally it.

"My advice for anybody who applies for this show: you need to go with a mentality that this is a team effort. And I felt that the opinions held by a lot of other candidates outweighed my own because of their experience."

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