Married at First Sight Australia viewers are “weirded out” by Troy’s antics

There was a recurring theme for viewers of Tuesday's episode on E4 – who and what is this Troy being?

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight Australia moved to the latest honeymoon stage and it was the antics of Troy Delmage which were consuming viewers, as he went on a romantic trip with Ashley Irvin on an island off Western Australia.


The man with the odd teeth-brushing technique and peculiar accent was aggravating many in the E4 audience, who found just about everything he did “irritating” and “annoying”.

In an effort to impress Ashley, he decided puffing up with a few last-minute push-ups would win her over. If only he knew how that was going to play on television.

“Troy freaks me out,” wrote this viewer and she was right on message with most of Tuesday’s Married at First Sight Australia audience.

According to this fan, Troy is a “malfunctioning robot” and “doesn’t know how to act human”.

When Troy attempted to be intimate by playing with his new wife’s hair, viewers grew concerned for flight attendant Ashley.

Many were tweeting a similar message to his new wife: Run, Ashley… Run!

There was little confidence in this couple going all the way. In fact, this viewer was convinced they would not “make it past the first commitment ceremony”.

Meanwhile, marketing manager Carly Bowyer was honeymooning with millionaire Justin Fischer in a luxury resort on the Pacific island of Vanuatu. It sounds like a dream come true, except the entrepreneur was always “on” and just couldn’t stop doing deals. Was his true love Carly or his ice cream machines?

It seemed Justin was trying to do business with just about every cafe owner on the island. For some, that was triggering a certain desire.

Viewers had high hopes for Nasser and Gabrielle in Samoa, who seemed well matched and a pair of nice, straightforward people.

There was a major problem, however. How would Nasser deal with Gabrielle’s revelation that she suffered from alopecia and was bald? Well, he seemed to take it “beautifully”, according to his new wife.

Could they really make their marriage work? Read what happened to them and the other Married at First Sight Australia couples after the cameras stopped rolling.

Watch on E4 on Wednesday, when all the couples from season five get together for the infamous dinner party. Who will get off with whom? Will any of the marriages survive the night?


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