Love Island’s Rebecca “fed up” of being in a love triangle with Luke T and Siannise

Sounds like the islander has had just about enough

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Love Island: SR6: Ep17 on ITV2

Pictured: Leanne and Rebecca chat.

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We watched Rebecca Gormley and Siannise Fudge make up on last night’s episode of Love Island, following their row over Luke Trotman.


But it sounds like things could be about to turn sour between the two ladies in scenes set to air on tonight’s episode.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Rebecca can be seen voicing her frustration about Siannise and Luke T’s relationship, as she insists she won’t be “second best.”

She says: “I know what I want and being second best is not what I’ve come in the villa for. I just need to know what the crack is.”

Clearly not over the situation, the model later confides in Leanne Amaning about her argument with Siannise – in which the 25-year-old accused her of “breaking girl code”.

She says: “When me and Siânnise spoke, it was all about ‘girl code this, girl code that’ and ‘You should have been straight, if you’d made her aware’. She’s not making me aware about it now… I feel like I’m being taken for a mug.”

Rebecca’s frustration comes a day after the duo appeared to squash the beef, following their argument on Sunday over Rebecca’s decision to couple up with Luke T – who Siannise also happened to be interested in .

As the entire villa watched on, Rebecca could be heard saying: “I don’t need to think about if I’m going to hurt someone else, I need to do what’s best for me. ‘I’ve apologised so I’m not going to keep going through it.”


At this point, Siannise responded: “I don’t want to carry this one because it’s boring me to death now.  But what I’m saying is, I don’t know why it’s taken you so long to pull me for a chat tonight.

“All I wanted you to understand was why I was p**sed off. As times gone on I’ve learned that you’re not a girl’s girl, I’m completely different to you, and that’s fine.”

Siannise then went on to claim Rebecca had broken “girl code” before telling the 21-year-old model to “stay out of my way” as she walked off.

Could tonight be round two for Siannise and Rebecca?


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