Love Island’s Millie heads out of the villa to meet Lillie following explosive Casa Amor recoupling

What will Lillie have to say this time?

Millie leaves the villa to meet Lillie

Millie Court will step out the Love Island villa to meet Casa Amor bombshell Lillie Haynes for a chat.


In a preview for the episode, which will air on Sunday, 1st August, Millie receives a text saying: “Millie. Please get ready to leave the Villa as Lillie is waiting for you to have a one-on-one.”

When Millie arrives at their meeting point, Lillie, 22 says: “I just want to apologise if I came across as abrupt or anything like that last night. I’ve been true to myself the whole time I’ve been here and I couldn’t stand there and be quiet.”

Millie then asks: “I want to get your point of view. What happened? Start to finish really, how he spoke to you, how you got on.”

Millie Court talks to Lillie
Millie Court talks to Lillie

This will be the second time the girls have met, after Friday night’s Love Island recoupling took an explosive turn, with Lillie  entering the main villa and revealing that she’d been getting close to Millie’s man Liam Reardon and they’d even shared a kiss outside of the challenges.

It came as a shock to the Love Island 2021 contestants, especially Millie, as Liam decided to stick with her at the recoupling despite what he’d been up to.

Liam tried to smooth things over with Millie later that day by explaining his side of things. He told her he was trying to compare whether he wanted to be with her or Lillie, and hinted at making things official between them. But, Millie couldn’t believe it as she wiped away her tears.

During his time at Casa Amor, Liam admitted he finds Casa Amor bombshell Lillie attractive. The pair shared a bed together on all three nights and kissed outside of challenge.

After the kiss with Lillie, however, Liam made his recoupling decision and chose to remain with Millie, as he entered the villa on Friday on his own and scooped her up in his arms.

But, with Lillie revealing the full extent of what happened between her and Liam at Casa Amor, will Millie be shutting herself off from him for good?


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