Love Island fans have criticised Josh, Kaz, Wes and Megan for how they apparently reacted while Laura was being dumped by Jack.


In Tuesday night's episode, unlucky-in-love Laura Anderson was brought to the same spot where she had been dumped by Wes, and given the heave-ho by Jack, who had taken a shine to newcomer Stephanie (and in a preview clip at the end of the episode was seen getting very close to fellow new Islander Laura Crane).

And viewers thought there was a distinct lack of sympathy from her fellow islanders, who (if the editing is to be believed) appeared to be smirking as the breakup took place.

"Megan, Wes, Josh and Kaz watching Jack end it with Laura sums up the sort of people they are," wrote Twitter user @eddddb.

@L0ttiehall added: "Josh and Wes watching Laura get hurt like it's entertainment was nasty behaviour. They both showed their true colours when they hurt Laura/Georgia earlier on and people seem to have forgiven them."

Meanwhile, some reserved their ire for the girls in particular: "Megan and Kaz are so fake and disrespectful," wrote @jodiesiobhann, "sitting there smirking at Laura; thinking they're queens, all because they're in relationships."

There was a massive outpouring of sympathy for the lovelorn Islander, who has seen two promising relationships disintegrate in the past few weeks.

"Unpopular opinion, but I actually feel sorry for Laura," @MattyDrew95 wrote on Twitter, "even if she does kick off about every little thing. It takes a powerful woman to get that many knock backs and get back up. Bless her."

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@Hey_Holly_K added: "the more Love Island goes on, the more I realise that Laura is one of the most realistic women in there. A little insecure, fecks things up cause she gets scared, but is willing to give people chances and stand by someone when times ain't great. That's what ya need."


Love Island continues at 9pm tonight on ITV2

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