*Contains spoilers on Love Is Blind season 6 episode 1-11*


Another two episodes of Love Is Blind just dropped on Netflix, and for things were rocky for Laura and Jeramey following from their argument in episode nine.

So far, 11 episodes have aired on the streaming site, and what a season it's been so far. We've seen five engagements, and one split (with Kenneth and Brittany calling it quits) – and now, there has now been yet another split for one couple.

At the end of episode 9, the couple had a big argument as Jeramey revealed he'd been hanging out with Sarah Ann until 5am. Jeramey and Sarah had a connection in the pods, however, he decided to propose to Laura instead.

Nevertheless, when Laura and Jez returned from the couples' retreat to the Dominican Republic, Sarah apparently slid into his DMs and told him that if things didn't work out with him and Laura she'd be interested in speaking more.

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And that's not all, since the latest batch of episodes, which arrived on Netflix on Wednesday 28th February, things haven't been the best between the engaged couple.

So, are Laura and Jeramey still together?

Who is Laura?

Laura is in a dark green dress posing in front of a purple background
Laura. Adam Rose/Netflix

Age: 34

Occupation: Account director

Instagram: @looo_bear

Laura, 34, is an account director.

She had "high hopes" for Love Is Blind, saying: "I've dated plenty of guys who have no idea who they are, or where they're going, and I'm looking for someone who's sure of themselves."

Who is Jeramey?

Jeramey in a light blue blazer with his arms crossed in front of a purple background
Jeramey. Adam Rose/Netflix

Age: 32

Occupation: Intralogistics

Instagram: @lutinskij

Status: Engaged

Jeramey is 32 years old and works in intralogistics.

He was on the lookout for a partner who can match his energy in the hopes of building a full life together some day. He was looking for a life-changing and authentic soul connection with his future partner, and was done with dating apps and social media.

It looked like he found this connection with Laura, who he ended up proposing to.

Are Love Is Blind's Laura and Jeramey still together?

Laura and Jeramey are not currently believed to be in a relationship.

In episode 9, viewers saw the pair arguing after Jeramey revealed he'd been out with some friends and bumped into Sarah Ann.

He told Laura that they just chatted in the car park, but Laura continued to question him, at which point he revealed that he'd given Sarah Ann a lift home.

The pair ended up hanging out until 5am, which didn't go down well with Laura and things didn't get better the following episode.

In episode 10, Jeramey confides in his mother about his situation with Laura and the next time we see the couple is at a barbecue with the other cast members.

Laura arrived on her own, and the others noticed something was up.

"I don't think the guy ever cared for me," she told the others. "I think he was fake as s**t in the pods. I don't know why he came here. I think he has feelings for Sarah Ann he doesn't know how to process."

In episode 11, the pair are unable to salvage their relationship and end up splitting up and leaving the experiment.

While Jeramey insisted he was "100 per cent ready" to save his relationship with Laura, the account director said: "Do whatever the f**k you want with whoever the f**k you want. I wish you the best. Go kick rocks with open-toed f***ing shoes."

Jeramey also revealed that he'd received a DM from Sarah Ann saying that she'd like to meet him.

Although Jeramey didn't respond to the message, he did like it to acknowledge that he'd received it, and Laura was not happy about this.

After the second batch of episodes arrived on Netflix, Sarah Ann shared a post on her story which read: "I couldn't be happier with the way things are going in my life, my career, and on Love Is Blind. There is so much more to come. Thank you for all the comments."

As soon as we know more, we'll update you right here.

Was Jeramey engaged before Love Is Blind?

Yes. On Thursday 22nd February, Jeramey took to Instagram to clear up the recent claims that he was engaged before the show.

"I want to quickly address the story that's going around about my previous engagement prior to Love Is Blind," he said in a video posted to his Instagram.

"Anybody that I was on dates with, my cast mates, and in multiple interviews, this topic was discussed. Nobody is surprised by this. It was something that was well documented. Unfortunately with all of the footage that is captured, not all of it makes it into the final cut. This just happened to not make it in there."

He also added that he did not apply to be on the show — he was recruited via Instagram DM and shared a screenshot of the message — and wasn't living with anyone by the time that happened.

"I was out living on my own, and I didn't seek this out," he said. "I had already been out on my own for a number of weeks at that point."

"This whole process had not even begun until I was out and on my own," he added in the caption. "Additionally, yes my home sold a week or two before filming.

"Listed in October or November, sold in March. Wasn’t living in it while it was listed. Idk if anyone else was trying to sell a place at that specific time, but it was not a short process. Not going to give this one any more attention."

Earlier that day, a woman named Jenni Gelven Daniel, shared a photo on Facebook of Jeramey holding a child while posing with an unnamed woman, who was later revealed to be Jenni's daughter Brittani Mcliverty. She wrote: “Someone was engaged and living with someone when applying for this.”

When Daniel was asked how the photo was obtained, she responded: “In my phone. That’s my daughter and grandson."

Brittani later claimed that Jeramey was "engaged and living with" her while applying to be on the show, and that they sold their house "a week or two" before filming began.

The information was later shared on Reddit, where a person wrote: “A woman claims she was engaged to Jeramey before the show and they sold their house a few weeks before filming.”

In another post, Jeramey spoke about the hate he and his cast mates have been experiencing since appearing on the show.

He wrote: “The amount of hate myself and other cast mates have received is over the top. We all had the courage to put ourselves in the public eye to watch an experiment unfold.

“For you, it’s entertainment, for us, it was a part of life at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately for the world, filming 9-10 hours a day isn’t enough. Next time we’ll recommend having cameras attached 24/7. We’ll make sure everyone is perfect at every moment and nothing but blunt boring moments happen.

“While everyone is entitled to their opinions it’s f***ing wild to make assumptions about everyone without 1) knowing us 2) being involved in any way 3) not being a part of the other THOUSANDS of hours of footage that’s captured.

He ended the post with: “Everyone will get their chance to speak when the time is right. Until then we all get it.”

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