Things got heated on Love is Blind: After the Altar as Damian Powers brought a "friend" to Lauren and Cameron and Barnett and Amber's two year anniversary party.


The special - which landed on Netflix on Wednesday, 28th July - shows the couples two years on from original series Love is Blind, and the party was meant to be a moment for all the crew to catch up with their friends.

However, Damian decided to bring along Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago (you know, the one who broke all the rules with Harry and lost lots of money by going all the way.) The pair have been spending time together, and went for lunch in an earlier episode of After the Altar.

But nobody expected Damian to bring Francesca to the Love is Blind party, especially his on/off ex Giannina Gibelli, who questioned Francesca about her relationship with him.

Love is Blind After the Altar
Damian and Francesca went to lunch

She said: "You say you're friends, he says you're friends, but I'm just letting you know right now if you did try anything you're messing with the wrong b***h!"

"I wouldn't get in between anything I think people are figuring out," Francesca replied, but before she could finish her sentence, Giannina jumped in with: "He's mine!"

Fran continued: "I think he's amazing. I think he's a great person, 90 per cent of our conversations are about you and I'm aware of where you guys are and I'm not going to cross any boundaries and I respect him as a friend. I know you guys are still figuring it out and I want the best for you guys, of course. So, now that I'm more aware of the situation -" Fran explained as Giannina cut her off.

"So, you weren't aware before?" G then asked.

"Obviously if you guys are still figuring it out then I would never try and even get in the way of anything like that. If you guys weren't together in the future, I don't know. I can't say that," Fran explained.

Clearly annoyed, Giannina then said: "Put yourself in my position. Like, would you feel like you're being really f*****d over right now?"

The conversation ended when Damian came over to break things up, as he could sense things were going left, but G clearly wasn't impressed with his explanation that they were just friends, as she stormed off to be with her friend LC.

Giannina and Damian got engaged on Love is Blind back in 2018, but didn't end up getting married on their wedding day as Damian didn't think they were ready. (Cue an angry G storming out of the ceremony and falling over in her wedding dress.)

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They managed to rekindle things after the show, however, and it looked like it was going well with them as they appeared on the reunion show together last year and gushed about their relationship.

But when Love is Blind: After the Altar aired, G revealed they hadn't spoken in a week and were living separately.

And by the end of the three-episode special, it looked like it could finally be the end for them as she stormed off once again during another conversation, where he tried to explain that he and Francesca are just friends.


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