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Lemar WON'T perform the same routine if he's in the Dancing on Ice skate off again

The Fame Academy star's music and routine have been changed after he landed in the bottom two three weeks running

Dancing on Ice Lemar
Published: Sunday, 11th February 2018 at 9:01 am

For the past three weeks, Lemar has found himself in the Dancing on Ice skate off.


And for the past three weeks, he's had to perform exactly the same 'save me' skate routine – a performance to Grenade by Bruno Mars. But that's about to change. understands that the rules have been amended so that should Lemar land in the bottom two for the fourth week on the trot, he will perform a different routine to a different piece of music. However, it will most likely be a skate that we have already seen him perform over the three weeks of DOI.

A source said: "Each couple prepares a save me skate. If they are in the skate off multiple times they can decide to change this to a previous routine."

Which is probably just as well, as viewers were getting a little, um, irritated by the repetitive performance...

Originally the idea for Dancing on Ice was that all of the celebrities would have one song and dance which they would perform if they found themselves in the bottom two. However, it seems as though no one banked on a single celebrity landing in (and surviving) three skate-offs in a row.

Remarkably the former Fame Academy star has managed to see off Candice Brown, Stephanie Waring and Perri Shakes-Drayton in the skate offs.


Dancing on Ice airs 6pm on Sunday 4th February on ITV.


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