Couples therapy reality show In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy continues with its third episode tonight (Thursday 19th October) – and can exclusively reveal a first-look clip from the new instalment.


The 90-second clip sees Tunde admit to a drastic move he previously made in a bid to win Marie back – deliberately moving into the same block of flats as her when she was in a relationship with a different man.

"Marie is the love of my life, I wanted her back at the end of the day didn't I?" he begins. "I may have clocked what building she lived in, and I may have got an apartment in the same building."

Relationship coach Denis then asks wether "that was a deliberate move" with Marie adding: "To cause trouble."

Tunde counters that "it wasn't deliberate" and he had been attracted to the building because it was in a "nice area" and was "close to everything". But Marie then calls him a liar and adds: "He knows why he moved in, he told me."

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You can watch the clip in full below:

Asked to elaborate on the reasons he had given her, Marie continues: "He saw, like, the glow up and he was feeling it, so he wanted me back."

She then explains that since she had blocked him on all of her social media profiles, he thought that by putting himself physically in front of her it might "bring back some feelings".

After he had moved to the building, she began to hang out with him again, and when her boyfriend at the time found out "he ended it because he believes that I was cheating on him, which I wasn't".

When pushed by Denise, she admits that she "would be lying if I said that seeing him again did not bring back old feelings" before Tunde reveals that "she just couldn't stay away".

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In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy originally started as a series on YouTube before being picked up by Channel 4 and follows five couples as they work through their tumultuous relationships in couples therapy – with "coaches and gurus" guiding them to mend their relationships.

According to Channel 4, tonight's episode also sees Jo tasked with coaxing Shaun back from the brink and navigating a shocking revelation from Michael, which leaves Lauren reeling.

In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy airs every Thursday at 6pm on 4Reality and 10pm on E4 and is available to stream on Channel 4.

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