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I'm A Celebrity viewers thrilled by tense Celebrity Cyclone with 2020 twist

How did the remaining four do?

I'm a Celebrity – Celebrity Cyclone 2020
Published: Thursday, 3rd December 2020 at 9:53 pm

It's the most wonderful time of the year and no we aren't talking about Christmas. It was Celebrity Cyclone night on I'm A Celebrity and the switch from sunny, warm, Australia to rainy, cold Wales has not prevented us from seeing another final four take on the obstacle.


This year was a far colder experience than previous contestants have had and not only that, but they were told that it is designed to be more difficult than it ever has been – no going easy on them this year then.

So how did Shane Richie, Giovanna Fletcher, Vernon Kay and Jordan North do, and will their meal be a good one?

Well, they made it, but only by the skin of their teeth. The rules were the same: the celebs had to carry stars to markers and stay on their own one until the time ran out. But the colder weather and the added extras made it one heck of a challenge for them – with them all getting washed back to the start with only 30-seconds to go.

There were only a few seconds to spare to get them all back on their markers and it was a tense final few seconds before they secured victory – but a brilliant few minutes for everyone at home.

And how great did that course look lit up at night with the castle behind it?

The castle coin challenge today was a festive one and saw Vernon and Jordan dressed as elves (we love a good costume, and they have been great this year). The task, that involved lots of gifts needing to be wrapped while they wore mittens, ended with the boys being given the choice of chocolate orange or mince pies.

While the celebs back at camp got the question wrong, it did lead to the amusing sight of Elf-Vernon stealing Kiosk Cledwyn's bell and Cledwyn enjoying the mince pies for himself. If that was the last we see of him this year then it was the perfect goodbye.

With tomorrow being the final episode of the series (already?!), the semi-final featured some reminiscing from the four that remain in the castle. Jordan and Shane looked back on their trials as low points, (namely, The Viper Vault and the drinking challenge) while Gi reflected on not getting her letter from home alongside the others. As for Vernon, he was just happy with the experience, saying: “It has been a special three weeks in camp, it has. It’s a period of time I will never, ever forget. It’s as simple as that.”

Bring on the final!


I'm A Celebrity concludes tomorrow night (Friday 4th December) at 9pm on ITV. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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