So far it's fair to say Kiosk Cledwyn has not been Mr Personality on the new series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! but there was a sign that he was coming out of his shell – his moustache twitched and there was a shadow of a smile on his dial on Thursday's episode.


The twitch came as Victoria and Hollie blew kisses at him after they won jelly beans in the Castle Coin Challenge.

He'll be out of a job if he keeps this up.

Cledwyn took over shop duties from Kiosk Kev - the man in charge of the Outback Shack in the Dingo Dollar challenges, who replaced original worker Kiosk Keith.

With the I'm A Celebrity filming location moving to the historic Gwrych Castle in North Wales for the 20th series, many wondered whether Kev would be flying over from Australia to join the campmates at the new castle.

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In a promotional video for the 20th series, Ant and Dec even made a call to Kiosk Kev when they spotted a phone box on the way to camp.

Unfortunately, Kiosk Kev won't be taking a trip across the pond, however, his long lost Welsh cousin, Kiosk Cledwyn, will be filling in for him this year.

Here's everything you need to know the I'm A Celebrity 2020 newcomer, along with some newly released pictures from ITV.

Who is Kiosk Cledwyn?

Kiosk Cledwyn has been described by ITV as the Kiosk Kev's "long lost Welsh cousin". While Kiosk Kev takes care of the Outbank Shack Down Under, over in Wales, Cledwyn will be looking after the Ye Olde Shoppe.

In pictures released by the network, the shopkeeper can be seen looking pretty stern.

He is photographed wearing a flat camp, gilet and jumper to keep himself warm in the low temperatures.

I'm A Celebrity 2020 Kiosk Cledywn
I'm A Celebrity 2020 newcomer Kiosk Cledywn ITV

Arms folded, as he stands beside a telephone which the campmates will use to communicate with him during the challenges, Cledwyn doesn't look like he's one to mess with.

In another image, he can be seen appearing to take a call on and he doesn't look very amused.

It seems we could be seeing a lot of those looks on his face throughout the series depending on whether or not the I'm A Celebrity 2020 line-up get the questions right.

We sure hope they do! We wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Kiosk Cledwyn.

I'm A Celebrity 2020
I'm A Celebrity 2020 ITV

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