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4th Impact's Celina passes out ahead of live show performance

Girl group insisted on singing live for movie week and poorly Celina had to take a seat at the end after coming over "dizzy" logo
Published: Saturday, 14th November 2015 at 8:10 pm

4th Impact's Celina passed out before tonight's third live X Factor show and had Simon Cowell on his feet in concern after she came across dizzy following the performance.


Cowell tried to encourage the 19-year-old girl band member to leave the stage following the performance, telling her: "You should go off sweetheart". But, flanked by sisters Mylene, Irene and Almira, Celina took a seat and sipped some water as the judges gave their feedback.

Mentor Cheryl said she'd given the group the chance to skip tonight's performance, saying dress-run tapes could have been shown, but the group made the decision to sing live.

And it was a high-impact performance, the girls doing their version of Beyoncé's Work It Out from Austin Powers.

All four judges were on their feet by the end of the song, the girls all hugging a clearly poorly Celina.

"It was outstandingly good, I hope you're OK sweetheart," Cowell said.

Nick Grimshaw was also blown away, adding: "I saw four Sasha Fierces up there," in a nod to Beyoncé's stage persona.

Cheryl praised the group's maturity and ability to handle the unexpected situation, which the band said they "appreciated".


The X Factor continues tomorrow night with another double elimination from 8:00pm on ITV


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