Ever since Race Across the World season 3 ended earlier this year, viewers have been eagerly waiting for news of the celebrity version of the series - and they won't have to wait much longer!


Celebrity Race Across the World will feature four familiar faces, alongside their family members, as they attempt to travel from Marrakech, Morocco, all the way to Tromsø, Norway. Their journey will span across 24 countries and over 10,000km.

Tackling the challenge is McFly drummer Harry Judd and his mother Emma.

Judd told OK! Magazine spending a prolonged amount of time with his mother "was the most special thing" and the pair went on an emotional journey together while competing on the show.

But what do we know about the 2023 contestants? Read on for all the key facts about Celebrity Race Across the World duo Harry and Emma Judd.

Who are Harry and Emma?

Harry and Emma Judd in Celebrity Race Across The World
Harry and Emma Judd in Celebrity Race Across the World. BBC/Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Relationship: Mother and son

From: Chelmsford

Jobs: McFly drummer

Harry, 37, and Emma, 63, signed up for Celebrity Race Across the World for the adventure.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Harry revealed he was going to choose his mum or dad, and it was Emma who was up for it "straight away, no questions asked".

"She'd always wanted to volunteer as a nurse in Africa, but never got to, due to family commitments," he explained.

Why did Harry and Emma want to take part in Celebrity Race Across the World?

Both Harry and Emma expressed they hadn't travelled much in the past, and Celebrity Race Across the World seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

"I never travelled when I was younger. I travelled with the band, but I never properly did backpacking and I always wanted to.

"I think the same applies for my mum; she always wanted to, but started a family when she was 22," Harry told the BBC ahead of his appearance on the series.

Emma Judd echoed a similar sentiment to her son. She told the BBC: "Yeah, I was young and one thing I think that I've missed in my life - not that I regret it - was actually backpacking and going off on an adventure like this.

"So, when Harry had the opportunity come along, I thought what could be better than going on an adventure with my son?"

When does Celebrity Race Across the World 2023 start?

Celebrity Race Across the World starts on Wednesday 20th September at 9pm on BBC One, across six episodes.

The celebrities and their family members will race through different landscapes and cultures, from the seaside ports and beaches of the Mediterranean to the mighty Alps and unexplored Central Europe.

Celebrity Race Across the World will start on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday 20th September at 9pm.

Previous seasons are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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