New Sky crime drama A Town Called Malice tells the story of a London crime family, the Lords, who move to the Costa del Sol and start to rebuild their empire abroad – with plenty of twists and turn along the way.


The show stars the likes of Jack Rowan, Tahirah Sharif, Martha Plimpton and Eliza Butterworth amongst others, and caught up with them exclusively to discuss the surprises viewers have in store.

Asked whether she had a full view of her character's arc and where the series would go throughout its run before signing on, Plimpton said: "I don't think any of us saw the final episode until relatively late in filming. I like to have a general idea of where we're going so I know where to begin.

"So I think we all had a general sense, at least, speaking for myself, but certain specific things, not necessarily did we know."

Jack Rowan as Gene Lord and Tahirah Sharif as Cindy Carter in A Town Called Malice.
Jack Rowan as Gene Lord and Tahirah Sharif as Cindy Carter in A Town Called Malice. Cristina Ríos Bordón / Sky UK

Butterworth added: "It was so exciting for us to read the scripts. We were just as shocked as the audience are gonna be. We were like, 'What?!' We'd hang out together and we’d be like 'You do what?!' You feel like you've worked somebody out and then they go in a completely different direction, which I love.

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"All the characters do, like Leonard Lord played by Lex Shrapnel. Everyone just goes in a way you don't expect. And that makes it even more thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's just down to the writing. Nick Love’s character building and story writing and the world of it is just so magnificent. He keeps it so exciting and riveting, it’s wonderful."

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Meanwhile, Sharif and Rowan spoke about how their characters changed from the initial scripts after they were cast.

Rowan said: "To talk about Gene specifically, I remember early on in early drafts, he was a lot more meek, but I just never felt like I wanted to play him that way, even from the audition.

"So then actually, Nick Love [creator] liked that version. Gene shouldn't be as meek, in fact he's strong from the beginning. It's not necessarily a journey from someone from there to… it's always been there."

Sharif then added: "It's the same with Cindy on the page. At first it was fun, but she was this kind of stone cold, like no kind of remorse kind of a woman. And I remember thinking, again, talking to Nick and talking to Jamie and being like, ‘That's not a real person.'

"She’s a real human being so let's try and bring that kind of humanity out in her. And so again, Cindy evolved into what you kind of see now."

The series is set in the '80s and is musically driven, with '80s hits playing throughout the show and driving the narrative forward. Other major cast members include Jason Flemyng and Dougray Scott.

A Town Called Malice starts airing Thursday 16th March 2023 at 9pm on Sky Max and NOW. Find out more about how to sign up for Sky TV.

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